How bad is it if I have a receding hairline?

I am only 21.


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  • i fell for a guy early college and didn't expect too, I just really started liking him his personality mainly he had a sexy face and dressed nice, I didn't even notice his hair but when you look closer he was balding a bit and had weird curly hair...and I didn't care at all he was still sexy as hell to me, I like short cuts like channing tatum or adam levine even justin timberlake


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  • I have had guy friends lose hair when they were 16.. and my older brother started losing hair when he was about 18.

    Its not a bad thing :) I actually prefer a guy with a shaven/short hair... so being bald won't really make a difference for me.


    • You don't find it unattractive.

    • nah :) I like short hair .. besides... most guys lose hair as they get older anyways :)

      and if all else fails... you can always borrow some of mine :) ha ha I have heaps of hair! TOO MUCH !

  • Pretty bad. Check out hair regrowth products at Sephora online.

  • I have a friend who started to lose his hair at 18.

    I swear, he is the cutest thing ever.

    On him it doesn't matter at all, he just kind of goes with it.

    So basically, hair, or lack thereof isn't a big deal. If you don't like it, maybe shave it of and go with the bald look.

  • not bad. that's just your hair type. can't help it


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