Do GUYS like girls with glasses?

Do guys like girls with glasses? I wear glasses all the time, I don't have contacts. Do guys find that not attractive when a girl wears glasses? I wouldn't say that I look like a nerd, I look decent, but have glasses. I am not ugly is what I am trying to say. Is that a major turn off? What do guys think when they see a girl with glasses?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Unless you got some really ugly glasses, then maybe; but I remember in high school we had this girl that wore these geeky thick black frame glasses, and even the football players were after her; there was somethng about the glasses that made her look really good; if you would see her on the streets, guys woudln't think of her as being hot, but the glasses just gave her this enigmatic look that most of us found very attractive. As for myself, I really don't care if the girl wears glasses; most gals that wear glasses, are smart enough to get a pair that looks good on them, and many times it even turns them sexy. :)