Do GUYS like girls with glasses?

Do guys like girls with glasses? I wear glasses all the time, I don't have contacts. Do guys find that not attractive when a girl wears glasses? I wouldn't say that I look like a nerd, I look decent, but have glasses. I am not ugly is what I am trying to say. Is that a major turn off? What do guys think when they see a girl with glasses?


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  • Unless you got some really ugly glasses, then maybe; but I remember in high school we had this girl that wore these geeky thick black frame glasses, and even the football players were after her; there was somethng about the glasses that made her look really good; if you would see her on the streets, guys woudln't think of her as being hot, but the glasses just gave her this enigmatic look that most of us found very attractive. As for myself, I really don't care if the girl wears glasses; most gals that wear glasses, are smart enough to get a pair that looks good on them, and many times it even turns them sexy. :)


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  • Well, it's rather hard to give an accurate answer (at least as it applies to you) without seeing a pic, but generally glasses don't make a gal unattractive. On the contrary, I sometimes find a girl is MORE attractive with them on - but that really depends on the girl.

    Simply put, it has little to no effect on how a person looks at you unless it's accompanied by genuine ugliness, poor social skills, an overbite, and a hunch. ;)

    • Well, I am not the most social person, but I don't have an overbite, or a hunch. lol.

  • It depends on the girl. Some girls look really good with glasses, others, not so much. You sound like you pull off the glasses look really well, so I'd imagine it goes over well with other men.

  • Some make it look good, some don't, but overall, I would say generally speaking I like girls who wear glasses. It.adds something, something that that makes her seem more real, more down to earth, and I like that.

    I've learned enough in my time to know that there's a clear difference between what I want/fantasize about and what I need in a woman, and it's likely I'll never meet a woman who gives me both what I want and what I need. I'm old enough and mature enough to know that needs take priority over wants and I would take a girl who had what I needed over one who had what I wanted any day of the week. I can't explain why but glasses sort of makes me think the girl falls into the "need" category rather than the "want", and that makes her attractive to me in a way that goes beyond sexual. This probably makes no sense whatsoever LOL.

    • Yeah, I kind of get what you are trying to say. I guess people with glasses look more mature or intelligent.

  • some look better in glasses, some don't. I know that doesn't help much. As far as what I think when I see a girl with glasses, I usually don't focus too much on glasses. Its not like its a rare thing to see someone with glasses.

  • I like girls with glasses =D some do look best with glasses (gives them the clever look)... so sometimes it depends... that's my opinion... ^__^

  • Well to be honest I have a thing for girls in glasses so I don't know if I'll be relevant. I absolutely love the look and think most men would since it randomly radiates this aura and sometimes wearing glasses can lead to us knowing exactly what type of girl you are. Have to say I'd pick a girl with glasses of one with none and I'm opposite of ugly (don't like bragging) so please don't EVER think your unattractive with glasses I LoVe you all:)


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