Dark Hair And Pale Skin?

How do guys feel about dark hair/pale skin on a girl?

I have dark hair naturally and pale skin with black eyes. I used to always lighten my hair to a lighter brown because I felt that my dark hair was intimidating or harsh-looking. Now I'm 19 and I realize that it might not be a problem. Do you think it is? I want the brutal honest truth and I won't hold it against you. And if it is too harsh or intimidating, what can a girl do with makeup or other things to make it look softer?

  • Vote A I prefer to date dark-haired pale skinned girls.
  • Vote B I prefer dark hair, but I don't like pale skin.
  • Vote C I like pale skin, but I don't like dark hair.
  • Vote D I like all types of women and this stuff doesn't matter.
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  • How many paintings from the great artists throughout history have you seen with dark hair and tanned skin? None, that's right. Dark hair against soft alabaster skin is not only sexy, it is healthy and beautiful. Touch the skin of a woman who is 40 and had dark, tanned skin all her life, then do the same with a 40 year-old woman with skin like yours. The tanned skin will be dry, leathery, and textured not smooth, the others will be soft, silky, and smooth. I would take yours over a tan any day and so would a million other guys I know.



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      ive knoticed that a lot of the media portrays women with tans and blonde/lighter hair so its natural for someone to think that's what pretty is but in my opinion that's bullsh*t. don't think that what you look like defines you either. its what you think. I oogle unhelthaly over ghostly skin and black hair. every guy has their own preference tho. if a guy thinks that your not pretty cus your hair and skin don't look like how all the f***ing models and playboys dye and tan theirs then he's a shallow asshole