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Best color bikini for brown skin?

I'm going to Europe soon and don't know what color bikini to get? I keep thinking black (safest color out there) but don't know if that is just... Show More

Oh, my. There really is no consensus, LOL. If it narrows it down, I'm thinking black/white/yellow/or darkish green.

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  • Brown skin... white, yellow bikini. Something that contrasts BUT black on brown skin looks slick and sexy, the safe approach could also be the best look!

What Guys Said 8

  • White or cream colored works best if you can bring it off. Red will get the most attention so again you better look good in it. Black is a lot more forgiving if you're not in shape though.

  • Yeah, stick with black and you'll look like a million bucks. Two million, even!

  • something bright colored, but simple.


  • something bright, in contrast to your skin. pearl white would look fit.

  • Honestly you look like you have a Carmel complextion so bright colors with stripes would be fine. I could imagine you in a neeon pink or cyan blue bikini on...you know what, I'm just gonna stop there ;)

  • The best color for any skin is clear

What Girls Said 11

  • Pastel colors! They look really nice on dark skintones.

    But really you shouldn't limit yourself when it comes to colors just because you're brown.

  • Black would look great. Black goes with everything. Bright colours would also work well such as yellow, blue, orange, green. Bright colours on dark skin look gorgeous. Black is not boring if its with whire or another colour or with diamantes.






    I`m not being a lesbian but I think these sorts of bikinis would look great on you.

    • LOVE the first & last one!

    • :D They`d look great on you. (I say that without being a lesbian Lol)

    • I like the 4th one lol

  • I have always thought brown looks good on tan and brown skin, it looks beyond good. It's my Favorite to see.

  • Neon pink, neon orange. I don't know why neon, but I think it would look good if you have a nice body. It would draw attention, I onc saw this native girl in neon orange and it made her skin look amazing.

  • Gold looks amazing on brown skin. Them pale ones just can't pull it off. But its gotta be a nice gold colour, not a cheap looking one. So that's something a bit different that will look amazing.

    Also really bright colours :)

  • Anything vibrant, so I'm basically agreeing with what everyone is saying. White, yellow, turquoise, pink etc. It contrasts w. your skin (:

  • white

  • I'd say some kind of a bright color...or maybe pastel (but bold).

    Yellow, orange, green, lavender...silver even! =)

  • I think black is great. Strikes me as "classy," not "safe."

    Gold also looks really great on brown/caramel skin.

  • Cheetah pattern... especially if you have thick hair. EIther that, or something white with like... a white lace overtop of it, to give it an urban look. It really depends on your style. But I think those would work. Personally, I think the bikini just comes to you. Go to the mall, and try on dozens! you'll find that comfy and sexy one :)

    good luck!

  • Black is fine.. like you said, it's safe.

    But it really depends on your body shape too. What you want to accentuate and what you want to hide.

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