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Guys what do you think of yoga pants?

just wondering how much guys like when girls wear yoga pants.

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  • When I see a girl in yoga pants I'm typically so overwhelmed I follow her stealthily until a moment presents itself to knock her down and get her into the trunk. I can then fetch her back to my house and put her in the basement with the rest of my girls-in-yoga-pants collection.

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  • I like them ;)

  • it makes us want to take a bite out of you like your some kind of juicy meat sandwich.

    • Ouch :(

    • yes.. but tasty

  • I like leggings more. But yoga pants are good to

  • I like it, the girls who wear them tend to have pretty good bodies and wear them well. It's not really a huge deal though.

  • it doesn't matter too much. They look nice and comfy. Usually it means the girl is pretty active/healthy, so that's always a plus. Appareance wise though, not a huge deal.

  • Yoga pants are for yoga. Demin or khaki is for daily casual wear.

  • Love it love it love it LOVE IT

  • As long as they are in OK shape, yoga pants can be hot. Shows off their butt and hips... And hell, they have have to be comfortable for you all.

  • God yes! They're AWESOME!

  • Two words: a LOT. Every guy, everywhere likes yoga pants. That's honesty, right there. You're welcome, fellow males. It's not a secret any more.

  • If you have a nice ass, makes you good eye candy.

  • I don't like them personally. Call me old fashioned but I like to leave a bit to the imagination.

  • I prefer that then looking at f***ing leggings.

    • What's wrong with leggings? O:o

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    • Well stop wearing them :-P

    • Hahaha...I forgot my shutter shades you hipster.

  • mmm..donk!

  • They don't really score big points in my book. They get old fast.

    There's nothing like a nice butt in a pair of tight jeans. Makes me wanna "smack that" haha.

  • I'm more interested in the girl wearing them

  • leggings are hotter.

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