What type of body do girls like in guys?

What type of body do girls like in guys?

Every girl can answer what she thinks I'm not waiting for a particular answer.

  • Over weight guys
    4% (3)3% (3)3% (6)Vote
  • Average guys
    33% (22)15% (17)22% (39)Vote
  • Muscular guys
    33% (22)46% (51)41% (73)Vote
  • Skinny guys
    18% (12)6% (7)11% (19)Vote
  • It really doesn't matter to me.
    12% (8)30% (33)23% (41)Vote
And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
Do you see that big guys are attractive?

Well that's because they are not to me..I'm attracted more to skinny guys,

oh my gosh is something wrong with me?
I'm wondering and I see that it's so strange that guys vote in this question


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm have a very good mind for seeking out meaning and visual themes and art, and if I'm honest with myself, I can usually find something attractive about pretty much every guy I meet, even some that are over weight. So I try no be. I'm a chronic crusher- I worry my friends think I"m all hormones or something- anyhoo I guess it goes to show there's beauty in everyone.

    I really wish I had a more narrow field of vision :(. Anyway if you find a way to work it right, or maybe find someone to help you work it right for you, you could probably pull off an awesome attractive look for just about anyone.

    And another thing, something that will help you even if you are unfit, if you're personality is attractive, it should go way further than looks. I mean, looks are great and one things but an awesome personality will definitely highlight those looks, even define how those looks look in the person who is crushing on you's mind, and even change someone's point of view. I know pretty girls and good looking guys who would have looked really pretty but because they acted like an absolute jerk, it brought out the worst in them and encouraged me to view their features in the worst light. Why would you bother wasting energy on seeing a different view of them I your mind if they always went out of their way to make your life crud and cause you not too? Of coruse, many 'popular' boys & girls &men & women seem to override this, but that's ossibly because they have super good mainstream looks that you are already trained in society to identify as 'good looking' 'elite' or 'better than other people' and because of the rebellious 'bad boy/bad girl' image. Someone with unique, unusual but possibly awesome looking looks may register in your mind as a freak if they treat everyone badly, and everyone will start picking out the weirdness about them or as someone awesome, to look up to with unique yet good looking looks to boot if they help people, lead and treat people kindly.

    And when you're in love with someone, you start to see the best of their looks, despite what they may have looked like when they were just another face on the street. How you feel about someone will start to change the aspects that you mind picks out about them and how your mind straight up takes a perspective on them. Are you already popular or good looking with people but you're a total jerk? You could be looking better. I know a guy who's around 20 kg over weight but his funny bright personalty makes him him look great! If he was a jerk, my mind would be taking the side of s many negatives as it could pick. Personality goes a long way to defining you in others minds.


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  • I'm bisexual not gay. , I like not so muscular guys. But muscular

  • Guys are voting because we want to see the results!


What Girls Said 10

  • I love a tall skinny guy, so there is nothing wrong with your choice in body type. Although I don't want him to be just skin and bones he should have a little something on his bones, whether that be muscle or fat, doesn't matter.

  • Athletic guys... Not overly muscular though...

  • It depends on your preference.

    there's a reason people are different shapes in this world, and people love em all.

    if skinny guys float your boat, then that's how you feel.

    I prefer athletic guys. It doesn't matter if they are skinny or buff. Just knowing that they work hard to achieve their body type is a definite turn on.

  • I like muscular guys, but I also love a guy that is not chubby but sort. I really don't like skinny guys. I'm not sure why, but I just don't like them very much. I'm not saying that if a skinny guy asks me out ill say no. I just won't be attracted to them like at first glance.

  • I tend to like guys with an average body type, I like them to be 'thick' though. Not fat, just... large? I wish I knew how to explain it but I can't really. I don't want a stick figure, but I don't want a 'roid man. And I definitely don't want someone who doesn't take care of himself.

    • I understand what you are saying..but I have a question

      What does roid mean is it (so thin)? and if it means that why don't you like them?

    • By 'roid' I meant steroid (ie; really muscular guys). I don't really like a guy that looks like a professional wrestler. Their bodies are kinda overwhelming.

  • I like it when a guy is muscular but not too muscular.

    i don't like it when guys are very skinny because then that makes me self conscious (maybe they are skinnier than me:( )ummmm. I don't have a problem with guys who are a little chubby because I think that they tend to be cute but that is just me.

    i am very sure that it is different for every girl so there is nothing wrong with you.

  • Masculine guys! Not too muscular, but indeed BIG! :)

  • i live guys who are slightly chubby. not like a beer belly, but like a cushion all over. it makes them seems softer, and at the same time kind of imposing. I'm not so into rippling muscles because it seems like the guy would be into exercise which I tend to dislike (both doing and discussing), plus I don't like the way it feels. skinny is ok too, but it might make me more self conscious, since I am not a twig (but not fat either, by any means). honestly though, if I like his personality and he has an ok face, anything goes.

  • I like a strong manly guy. Cute face, not enormous but not small build. I like a guy who takes care of his body and is in shape. It totally turns me on when a guy is strong, like one arm push up strong lol...ok, well he can still be strong and not do a one arm push up but the stronger the better.