Girls, what kind of panties do you wear most of the time?

What kind of panties are you wearing most of the time? And how much is most of the time?

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  • if I wear any, thongs.

  • But I have always wanted to try thongs. Cause camel toes are hot

    • So did you try a thong? And yes camel toes are very hot.

  • Depends on what I'm doing. Thong for tight pants, boy shorts for lounging, bikini for working out. If I'm wearing a skirt I usually don't wear anything. Just more comfortable.

  • Bikini

  • Granny panties

  • A bikini style black or blue one

  • Plain colored ones

  • ones that don't ride up.

  • Half of the time thongs, the other half boyshorts.

  • French knickers all the way.. but if like most days, I'm just gonna bum about at home then I wear boy boxers, couldn't care less haha.


    i don't find thongs very comfortable I just wear them when I go out clubbing...

    but other then that BOY SHORTS ALL THE WAYYYYY...if that ;)

  • thongs! 100% of the time :)

    • Dude, STOP commenting the exact same thing on every answer! I know you've done that on other questions too, STOP IT or I will report you!

  • Cheekies cute but sexy...

  • I like normal the best. I only have one pair of boy shorts. And I wear thongs when I'm gonna be wearing tight, thin pants or spandex type fabric.

    I really like the lycra material. I just bought some from VS that are like that and they're stretchy and really comfy.

  • Some of the guys put that they were thongs. O.o

  • Boyshorts & bikinis but mostly boyshorts cause they're comfy and give no panty lines :)

  • always thongs

  • I normally wear bikini style undies, but I wear cheeky/thong panties under tight jeans/dresses/skirts. I have found that lacy underwear are SO comfortable.

    I would say I wear my neon lacy bikini panties about 80% of the time, the rest is just normal bikini panties or thongs(which are lacy, of course)

  • Thongs are what I wear

  • thongs lol

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    My girlfriend wears thongs about 80% of the time, and boyshorts the rest.

    • Yep...

    • Yeah, just reported every answer I saw of his talking about "merilly bleed" or "be at the verge to cry".

      Disturbing fixation, that.

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  • this is hot. keep talking ladies lol

  • Boxers in day and nothing by night

    • I get to hot at night

  • I think we all know other means none...

  • Wear boyshorts! They're hawt!

    • Haha OK, to each their own.

    • Haha thongs are nice too. Personal preference is towards boyshorts though. So sexy for some reason

    • Boooh! Thongs! :P

  • You need to have an option for guys to click to see the answers...

    • or put what you prefer as a dude. I personally like boyshorts on girls, so I put that up there.

    • Just click on "Other"...

  • Boyshorts very comfortable and feel so sexy.

  • what kind do you wear? :p

    • You're damn right they do! :P

    • Bet they look good on you too haha.

    • Thongs, exclusively. I can't stand the feeling of other kinds of panties.

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