Girls, what kind of panties do you wear most of the time?

What kind of panties are you wearing most of the time? And how much is most of the time?

  • Thong panties
    34% (43)16% (13)27% (56)Vote
  • Normal panties
    33% (41)9% (7)23% (48)Vote
  • Boyshorts
    24% (30)10% (8)18% (38)Vote
  • Other (please tell)
    9% (12)65% (53)32% (65)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Thongs, about 100% of the time.

    • I can guarantee you at least 5 guys are jacking off to your picture right now.

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    • This guy is posting this crap all over GAG. I have reported him as spammer, you should too. Hopefully he will get banned soon.

    • Shut up, perv! I've reported you for spamming, just so you know.

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What Guys Said 9

  • My girlfriend wears thongs about 80% of the time, and boyshorts the rest.

    • For starters, she uses Implanon for birth control, which has the effect of almost entirely eliminating her period in the first place, and on the rare occasion that she does have a day or two of light bleeding, a tampon keeps everything nice and clean.

      Not that it's any of your business, freak.

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    • Yeah, just reported every answer I saw of his talking about "merilly bleed" or "be at the verge to cry".

      Disturbing fixation, that.

    • Yep...

  • Wear boyshorts! They're hawt!

    • Boooh! Thongs! :P

    • Haha thongs are nice too. Personal preference is towards boyshorts though. So sexy for some reason

    • Haha OK, to each their own.

  • N/A

  • You need to have an option for guys to click to see the answers...

    • Just click on "Other"...

    • or put what you prefer as a dude. I personally like boyshorts on girls, so I put that up there.

  • Boxers in day and nothing by night

    • I get to hot at night

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What Girls Said 64

  • French knickers all the way.. but if like most days, I'm just gonna bum about at home then I wear boy boxers, couldn't care less haha.

  • I usually wear regular (bikini) underwear or hiphuggers. Occasionally I wear thongs (very rarely). I don't wear boyshorts because I find them uncomfortable, even though a lot of other girls claim that they're comfortable.

    • Not comfortable to me.

  • I wear normal panties (80% of the time ) and boyshorts (20%) .. I tried thongs and they make me feel uncomfortable so no thongs for me.

    • The type of under-wear has nothing to do with being on period .. and I don't understand the rest of what you wrote.

  • Almost every day thongs. They're just easiest to work with and you don't even feel 'em.

  • I usually wear boyshorts or granny panties #dontjudgeme. I wear a thong once in a while, but not a lot. I don't find them comfortable.

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