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Girls, what kind of panties do you wear most of the time?

What kind of panties are you wearing most of the time? And how much is most of the time?

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  • Thongs, about 100% of the time.

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What Guys Said 9

  • My girlfriend wears thongs about 80% of the time, and boyshorts the rest.

    • For starters, she uses Implanon for birth control, which has the effect of almost entirely eliminating her period in the first place, and on the rare occasion that she does have a day or two of light bleeding, a tampon keeps everything nice and clean.

      Not that it's any of your business, freak.

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    • Yeah, just reported every answer I saw of his talking about "merilly bleed" or "be at the verge to cry".

      Disturbing fixation, that.

    • Yep...

  • N/A

  • Wear boyshorts! They're hawt!

    • Boooh! Thongs! :P

    • Haha thongs are nice too. Personal preference is towards boyshorts though. So sexy for some reason

    • Haha OK, to each their own.

  • You need to have an option for guys to click to see the answers...

    • Just click on "Other"...

    • or put what you prefer as a dude. I personally like boyshorts on girls, so I put that up there.

  • Boxers in day and nothing by night

    • I get to hot at night

  • Boyshorts very comfortable and feel so sexy.

  • this is hot. keep talking ladies lol

  • I think we all know other means none...

  • what kind do you wear? :p

    • Thongs, exclusively. I can't stand the feeling of other kinds of panties.

    • Bet they look good on you too haha.

    • You're damn right they do! :P

What Girls Said 61

  • A bikini style black or blue one

  • Plain colored ones

  • Boyshorts or normal ones. But if they're the normal ones, they look like bikini bottoms. None of that granny-panty stuff lol

    • Haha, wtf. Why are you telling that to everyone? Troll.

  • French knickers all the way.. but if like most days, I'm just gonna bum about at home then I wear boy boxers, couldn't care less haha.

  • Cotton 'n Bikini or Boy shorts.

  • Almost every day thongs. They're just easiest to work with and you don't even feel 'em.

  • I usually wear regular (bikini) underwear or hiphuggers. Occasionally I wear thongs (very rarely). I don't wear boyshorts because I find them uncomfortable, even though a lot of other girls claim that they're comfortable.

    • Not comfortable to me.

  • booty/boyshorts 90% of the time! They're super comfy and I feel sexy in them :) The other 10% is thongs or bikini style panties

  • Thongs for the most part. But at home I'll wear normal panties.

  • I wear normal panties (80% of the time ) and boyshorts (20%) .. I tried thongs and they make me feel uncomfortable so no thongs for me.

    • The type of under-wear has nothing to do with being on period .. and I don't understand the rest of what you wrote.

  • But I have always wanted to try thongs. Cause camel toes are hot

    • So did you try a thong? And yes camel toes are very hot.

  • lace boyshorts. completely see-through so guys like them, but also comfortable

  • When I started working at a business attire office, I started wearing thongs everyday. And I've never gone back. Now, the only time I wear anything other than a thong is sometimes when I sleep, or when I'm on my period.

    • uhhh...I've never worn full brief underwear. Some nice bikini underwear will do.

  • Cheekies from Victoria's secret! Theyre like boy shorts but sexier. Those or I wear nothing.

    • i don't have to worry about that thanks to birth control.

  • I generally wear lacy boyshorts.

  • i am all thong all the time. I just think the are more comfortable. been that way so long they are the only type I own anymore.

  • Things 85% of the time and boyshorts the rest. I have no like whatsoever for any other kind of panties.

  • I have lived a little lets just say. And I know that most chicks I know wear normal knickers that are comfortable most of the time. I don't get why you would wear sh*t that goes up your arse wedgey style everyday.

    • It's very comfortable actually. Well, to me at least. And to many other girls. It's all individual I guess.

    • According to my girlfriend, regular panties just ride up her ass anyway, and with a thong, she doesn't have to keep adjusting them.

  • All of them I love thongs but my boyfriend loves me in boy shorts

  • I always wear thongs, it's more convenient when your clothes are tight.

  • Half of the time thongs, the other half boyshorts.

  • thongs! 100% of the time :)

    • Dude, STOP commenting the exact same thing on every answer! I know you've done that on other questions too, STOP IT or I will report you!

  • Some of the guys put that they were thongs. O.o

  • always thongs

  • I normally wear bikini style undies, but I wear cheeky/thong panties under tight jeans/dresses/skirts. I have found that lacy underwear are SO comfortable.

    I would say I wear my neon lacy bikini panties about 80% of the time, the rest is just normal bikini panties or thongs(which are lacy, of course)

  • Thongs all the time except when I'm sleeping. Nights I wear panties or boy-shorts

    • everyone in a thong got a thumbs up for sure!

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    • *@, not Q

    • Aha, I see. I will! ;)

  • bikinis whenever I go out. Nothing if I'm staying indoors.

  • thongs 50%, none 50%

  • normal panties, boy shorts /knickers, only if I'm going out, if I'm at home I wear nothing and let it breathe hehe, just loose pj's so I dnt bother wearing anything underneath

    • lol duh

  • i wear Normal panties most of the time = 80 and the rest of the time I don't wear any underwear

    • hhh what is this ? did you loose some kinda of a beet hhh and I didn't understand anything or didi you do it just so the peopole coment back on you ? but this is really funny

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