What do you wear to the mall?

*GIRLS* Say you are gonna spend the whole day shopping maybe with a friend, what look would you go for? Do you keep it casual but cute or do you go all out?

*GUYS* What type of girl is more likely to catch your eye?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, if I am going to be doing some serious shopping I would wear nice jeans and a hoodie with a casual hairstyle (like a pony tail or just leaving it open), with blush (i don't wear makeup lol). If I am going to the mall to chill out with some friends, grab a coffee and just look around. Then I'll dress up a bit more. Jeans with a nice shirt. Flats and down low make-up. If I was going to the mall with special someone. Or TO MEET a special someone. I would put on a bit more make-up, do something nice with my hair and wear like a nice blouse with easy jeans and flats. But, then again. If I m going by myself. With no flying f**k to anyone. Lol I would dress up in swears and hoodie, ponytail, and comfy shoes. But really, that's just me. Everyone's different :)