What do you wear to the mall?

*GIRLS* Say you are gonna spend the whole day shopping maybe with a friend, what look would you go for? Do you keep it casual but cute or do you go all out?

*GUYS* What type of girl is more likely to catch your eye?


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  • Well, if I am going to be doing some serious shopping I would wear nice jeans and a hoodie with a casual hairstyle (like a pony tail or just leaving it open), with blush (i don't wear makeup lol). If I am going to the mall to chill out with some friends, grab a coffee and just look around. Then I'll dress up a bit more. Jeans with a nice shirt. Flats and down low make-up. If I was going to the mall with special someone. Or TO MEET a special someone. I would put on a bit more make-up, do something nice with my hair and wear like a nice blouse with easy jeans and flats. But, then again. If I m going by myself. With no flying f**k to anyone. Lol I would dress up in swears and hoodie, ponytail, and comfy shoes. But really, that's just me. Everyone's different :)


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  • Ok... when I see a girl, I don't really care what she is wearing, but if I had to say, the most revealing... hehe... But guys look at the face / body / personality. I like compassionate girls and nice ones.


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  • For me, I like to be comfy at the mall. I mean, I'm going to be walking around a lot and probably trying on clothes too so my standard outfit is a cute top, jeans and sneakers. Who wants to walk around in heels and mini skirts all afternoon and go through all the trouble of putting on and off in the dressing rooms? This doesn't mean I go sloppy.

    I put on a bit of make up and keep my hair neat and cute but nothing that says "Look at me, I look like a high maintenance bitch who thinks she's going clubbing" LOL I say, keep it fresh and nice, don't try too hard. I mean, it's the mall not a gala. If you're the kind of girl who's comfortable in some form of heel then ok, go for it, if you can walk in them throughout the day and aren't limping then that's a good look for some.

    It's all about a fine line, you know? You don't want to look like you're going to hold up a store either haha

  • Depends on why I'm going to the mall. If it's to chill out with friends, I'll go for looking more cute. If I'm there to do some serious shopping, I'll still dress nice but be more aware of the fact that I'll probably be pulling shirts over my head (no nice up-dos) and don't want to spend forever in a dressing room putting my clothes back on.

  • Umm..... I would probably go casual every now and then and cute but mostly I go all cute when I go to the mall with my friend!!!! But going to the mall casual but cute is the way to go sometimes!

  • Depends on how I feel that day. If I feel upbeat, I'll dress a bit more casual. If I'm feeling sluggish, I'll wear a tee, jeans and flats. I don't like to think that the mall is a fashion show, as some people make it out to be.

  • First let me say, I have a weird sense of style lol. I'd most likely choose my favorite pleated skirt, match it with a black band tee that has a design the same color as the skirt. Then I'd pick the thigh high socks that best match the other two items, and throw on a pair of high tops. :]

    I'd straighten my bangs, and leave the rest of my hair in its naturally curly state. I'd add black bracelets, and a silver cross. My makeup is medium thick eyeliner, with light eyeshadow, and red lipstick or clear lip gloss, sense my lips already have a rose pink hue naturally. xD

    Yeah, I'm weird, I'm just lucky my boyfriend loves me no matter how I look. ^_^