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Why does he keep making eye contact with me?

Okay so I have this guy friend and well...I think I am starting to like him. Recently, I have noticed that he tries to hold eye contact with me. We... Show More

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  • yeah it does. guys that are shy about asking a girl out or letting them know how they feel will usually make eye contact and hope that you know what it means but of course you don't know what's going through their head. just talk to him and tell him not to freak out but you might be developing some feelings for him and ask him how he feels about that. it won't change anything in your friendship with him and will finally answer any thoughts you have about his feelings towards you .

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  • Good question. I have the same situation. This guy (I suspect he is shy) always makes eye contact when we pass each other, even when he says Hi holds eyes on me a bit longer but he never approaches me. I'm not sure what he is thinking and I always end up think "Ehh, he must like just how nice I look" and nothing more.

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