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Why does he try to pretend like he doesn't see me?

Okay, why would a guy pretend like he doesn't see/notice a girl? It's so silly! Back story: There's this guy who's like a friend/acquaintance... Show More

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  • I think he posted the same question about why you didn't reply back. Ok, just kidding. There could be several reasons he did not say anything the first time, but it might be that he was trying to be coy. Guys do stupid things, thinking they are funny. If you were truly interested then you should have replied to him when he called your name. That would have been a good time to ask if he was just being a jerk or a dumb ass. It might not be too late to ask him now. :-)Good Luckjames

    • Lol...thanks James. :) I did reply back to him when he called my name though. He said hello, so I said hello back! I just didn't strike up a conversation with him because he tried to act like he didn't see me when I first came up near him. So, I just figured that maybe he didn't really want to be bothered, and was just saying hello to me because he thought about how he acted (pretending not to see me standing there) and felt bad for me. :-/LOL! See how in-depth girls think?

    • In retrospect, (after giving it more thought) he might just really sucks at flirting. Give him a clear sign that you are ineterested and see how that goes. :-)

  • maybe he likes another girl in the group and since you and him either ain't hooking up or are just friends , he didn't want you to approach him in front of the other girl.If you went straight up to him , she might get the wrong idea.or maybe he is interested in being with you , but you are not his regular type and he is feeling self concious about his male friends messing with him about you.i have treated a girl I really wanted to be with like sh*t because I knew my friends didn't think she was hot enough , or I had herd them making fun of her in the past and I knew that it would make me look stupid in their eyes if I talked to her or was nice to her.that was when I was young , so it depends how old you guys are. but some guys never grow up.maybe it is the same reason except he doesn't want them to know that you two hang out.it doesn't have to be because of relationship type feelings. he might just feel funny because one single guy who was there has said something bad about you in the past and he remembers it and is letting it affect the way he treats you.maybe he said hi to you later , after the person walked far enough away that they couldn't hear him.or maybe he was stoned , or just really didn't see you.

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