How long do guys wait to text a girl?

Long story short, after talking for a long time I made out with a guy I met recently while at a party at his friend's house. Beforehand when we were talking he was asking me a lot of questions about myself and sounded interested and he came onto me. When we departed, he asked for my number. About how long would a guy wait to text or call a girl, if at all?


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  • I always text within minutes... with something like "You made my night! Ha! Thx ~ Robby"

    That way she's not going to forget who I am, cause by the next day I might be a foggy memory.

    I think most guys will text within 2 days.

    Any guy that purposely waits 3 days is a lost cause. He's either playing games, or he's got better things to do. I'd suggest moving on, asap. I tell my guy friends this exact same thing.

    Not every guy is going to be "the one" so why waist time on a guy who's not that into you?

    Best of luck!

    ~ Robby

    • but if he texts you within the hour, how many days would have to go by before he texts you AGAIN? This is my problem, we talked that same night and it's been 48 hours since. Does the fact that we made out have anything to do with his loss of interest? Or is 2 days normal?

    • When you're first starting to get to know someone it's hard to know what they're regular texting patterns are. 2 days between text's is pretty normal. I don't hear from best friends for a week at a time sometimes. It all depends on the person. When in doubt, text him something cute on day three... something that reminds him that you're fun, and tells him that you haven't forgotten he exists.

      Even if it's just a photo from the mall, like a creepy mannequin... something that might make him laugh. Keep your text short and random, I think that's key. This way if he doesn't respond, that's your answer... he's moved on.

      And that's okay!


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  • i dont.

    if i want to text her then I will.

  • The next time he is bored, and horny, it will quite possibly occur too him to give you a call. That could be minutes from now or a month from now, assuming he did not lose your number.

  • Everyone is different I txt that night while I'm still fresh in her memory. Just something casual like had a fun time or your friends are great it was nice meeting you. Then I would call in a day or two to set up a date or invite her to another get together.

  • If he is not a complete fucktard he is going to text or call as soon as possible. All this shit I see posted from young people about waiting XX time to reply? WTF?
    why do people play games.

  • I don't know, it depends, a few hours may be.

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  • Eh just text and if he doesn't than move on!

  • It All Depends on the Guy and Some who may Really want to Try... Either that night or even the next Day to say "Hey," or Some may even Wait, Late, when wanting A... Date.
    However, You have more to fear, dear, if you don't Hear Back... That would be whack.
    Good luck. xx

  • one guy asked for my number before and he texted me as soon at h left he party,

    another guy asked for it and texted over a week later,

    it really just depends.

  • it really depends on the guy, the last guy that asked for my number called about 2wks later...he turned out to be pretty immature.

  • Half the time my boyfriend don't respond to my text, he prefers facebook messaging. XD And sometimes he ignores those.

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