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Ladies do you like guys in black leather jackets??

I came across one during black Friday and I decided to buy one. It kind of looks like the wolverine jacket with two white strips. I wore it the same... Show More

Thanks for the answers ladies. Yeah lol, I'm very confident when it comes to girls but when I wear it my confidence goes over 10...That could be a bad thing ha.

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  • if it looks good on you and fits well, then yeah girls are going to notice. I find that if you can work the black leather jacket look right, it seems you are more confident and daring in a way-idk it might just be me. I usually am not a fan but if a guy can wear and look hot in it, it's an attention thing

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  • Wearing nice looking, well-fitting clothing is a nice way to get people to notice you. I do admit, it may make ladies think you have an adventerous side. A well-fitting pair of jeans can do wonders as well. Clothes that look good and fit well convey a sense of confidence and self esteem that is attractive to both sexes.

    However, you've got to have some substance to back up the charm! :)

  • love em. I have a black leather jacket, and last christmas I bought my boyfriend one. whenever we go out he always gets complimented on it, and everyone says we look hot together when we go out both wearing them.

  • Um, I don't like them at all lol. Maybe some girls think it makes you look like a "bad boy," and they're attracted to that?

    • I guess lol

  • I like them when they're kept in good condition. Very worn leather jackets just look messy, but once in a while a nice leather jacket can make a man look classy. Not so much "bad boy", but it makes it look like you've put some thought into your outfit, even if you haven't.

  • a nice-fitting a bit worn leather jacket can make wonders:D What do we like about them... well, first, you don't see many boys wearing them, so it's like a signal "hey, look at me, I'm a MAN", so you seem older (in a good sense of this word, if you know what I mean) and yeah you look like you've got this adventurous side. Also, leather is good to snuggle;) Haha.

    Honestly, I think it's one of many mysteries of the universe, like why do girls have to open their mouth while applying mascara:D

  • Love em! =] Especially when the guy is hot haha

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