Saying goodbye? Why do some people avoid it? Any of you "bad with goodbyes"?

What does "I am not good with goodbyes mean?

My friend said he would stop by before he left... I woke up the next morning with like twenty different things lined up against my door.

Some were symbols of stuff we did, some were symbols of stuff he did, bur there was no body there to stay god bye.

I was looking forward for seeing him for a last time, to say something... Something with no double meaning, or something supportive or just nice , but mainly calm.

There is an element of someone leaving that is nice because there is absolutely no ambiguity...

I think I have been ready for this since I came back {Well I am leaving soon too so the leaving thing was always there - for me anyways}

I was just really looking forward to him to say something calmly with no pretext other then to wish good luck.

I called him a few days later {i wanted to make sure I was upset about not being able to say good bye & not just upset. I just told him that I missed a chance to wish him well & I hope all was well - I thanked him for the Swedish ivy as a side...

He said sort of sad or guilty or remorseful, "I am not good with goodbyes". ...

He did not have to apologize I was not calling to shove anything in his face I just wanted to say something before I or he left...

That may sound weird but goodbye help me organize things, especially when they are civil & even kind... At least genuine.

-Why do you think he had to explain that.

- What is the problem with saying good bye when you are leaving & you still friends with the other person?

-What does it even mean?

-Anyone out there get it?