When a guy teases you?

When I say tease I don't mean it in a bad way. It's just that I've been talking to this guy, I really like and stuff, he kind of give hints that he does too but I'm not sure. When we talk he's always saying that my "cluelessness" is cute and amazes him and he wants to say that before any other man does or when he talks about stuff and (he knows I don't normally understand) and I say something he classifies as being "smart" then I would say I really don't understand he'll be like well "that's more like u".

That's just few examples.Yea so I'm wondering does that like somewhat means he likes me too but just don't know how to say it?

I really need answers cause I really do like him a lot and I love it when he does tease me.

Any suggestions?

  • Vote A Thinks your stupid or a complete moron
  • Vote B Likes you or thinks it's really cute
  • Vote C Just the way guys are
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I would definitely say he likes you is when he teases you, he smiles when he says it. There's a guy I work with and he's always playfully teasing me. Like I'll be standing by the pop machine since he always works on drive thru and that's where the pop machine is and he's like, "gosh, why don't you do some work?" or "is this all you do at work?". One time I went over to get something to drink and he said something and was like, "I just want to make sure you're completely relaxed", then I was getting some lemonade and was like, "I just hope you are enjoying that lemonade" and I was like, "Oh, I am". There was another time I was on the line and was making subs and I messed up one and he was like, "think you can get it right this time?" and smiled at me or I was wrapping subs and he's like, "god, you're so slow"

    So yeah, I definitely do think if they're teasing you and smiling about it, they like you. UNLESS it's in their nature to tease everyone, and then you just don't know.