Shy guy teases me yet confuses me. Shy guys please help?

He flirts and teases me because he is comfortable with me but nothing else. And I mean TEASE. He jokes with other girls he knows but it always feels like he has to comment on something I do or say and tease me about it. AND yes, he actually IS really shy!

I notice that he gets jealous if I talk to other people, especially guys. The other night I decided to flirt with a guy next to him. He was all quiet, sad, and kept staring down at his phone. Well, while I was TRYING to get a reaction out of him, he did something crazy unusual! He saw this random pretty girl and walked up to her and introduced himself and tried to talk to her. He would NEVER EVER do that! He's wayyyy too shy! Was he trying to show me that he could do it too? That he was trying to get ME jealous? Heck, all I wanted him to do was to take my attention away, you know, fight for me. He's so insecure. I was utterly shocked when he went to go talk to the girl and then proceed to glance at me. Is that what he was trying to do? How the heck do I tell if he just likes to be "safe' and like me and nothing more? He'll hang out with other girls as friends but turns beet red if I even suggest anything. Last time he told me he was just going to stop by my house and when I smiled - he quickly said w/o laughing...and run away. (then he started laughing) Does he hate me? Not like me? So confused.
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It really hurt to find out that he hung out with this one girl that throws herself at him. I'm worried that he likes her. He's really nice to her and stuff so I don't know. Yet when it comes to me - it's just tease tease tease!
Shy guy teases me yet confuses me. Shy guys please help?
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