She has a boyfriend but she's teasing me?

I met this girl online and, we really hit it off and began talking to each A LOT! She's somewhat insecure and the only boyfriend she ever had was someone who wasn't really close with her. They didn't even make out.

The boyfriend she has is long distance and they still haven't met yet, but they've been boyfriend/girlfriend for over a year and they talk on the phone a lot. She says she likes him, but she told me she's frustrated because he has a lot of female friends and she feels like he treats them the same way he treats her.

Now I had a chat with the guy, and I am positive he is not cheating on her. He really likes this girl and considers her his #1 out of all his other female friends. He's just really nice and sweet and says "I love you" a lot and likes to compliment people.

Anyways, back to the girl we're talking about. So eventually, I told her what I like in a girl, I said I like legs and arms, and then a few days after that she begins showing off her legs on cam and asking me if I like them. I got really awkward and shy because I've never had a girlfriend before, but I told her that yeah I thought she was hot. And then over the last 2 days she's just been teasing me and making me go crazy. D: She has a really nice personality, I haven't met a girl like this for a long time but I think I might be starting to have feelings for her.

But she lives far away, so I'm not considering doing anything. All I want to know is - why is she teasing me? Is she just messing around, having fun with me? She says she really loves talking to me and we have hours of fun conversations, so it there a chance she might be starting to like me?

Would you tease someone even if you just like them as a friend? Please help me! I'm confused! D:


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  • Well sometimes girls online just want to have fun and like to flirt. She probably has a certain level of interest in you but it might not necessarily mean anything. When she says she loves talking to you and having long conversations, she means it. But it doesn't have to mean that she is really beginning to like you.

    I hardly believe that she meant to cause you any frustration but people you meet online can always be a bit of a challenge.

    Just to be safe, I wouldn't get too attached to this girl.


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