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Why would a guy randomly start ignoring you/being rude?!

I apologize in advance for the novel I'm about to write (: I work with this boy (he's only 17, I'm 19) and we have that playful, flirty... Show More

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  • There are a few possibilities I can think of

    1. He suddenly became afraid of his feelings for you and is going to deny his feelings by being a jerk to you.

    2. He witnessed or heard about you being flirty with another person and he is mad because he thought he was the only one getting that kind of attention from you.

    3. He heard from one of his friends or some idiot that playing hard to get will attract you more. Although there is some truth to that it is dumb to do it on purpose and he's doing it all wrong.

    4. He really did become an arrogant jerk.

    5. You did something that offended him without realizing it.

    With all my years of being a guy those are all the possibilities I can think of. I would have to know more to narrow it down to fewer possibilities.

    • I've tried to think back on the past two weeks to figure out if I might have said something to him that would cause this, but I'm honestly drawing a blank. Today, I ran into him in the hallway on the way into work and I smiled at him, but he gave me this blank stare and opened the door just enough for him to get in and left me behind...HA!

      Maybe I should just chalk it up to him being a douch bag highschooler and ignore him, but I'd rather be friends than there be tension at work like that.

    • Well if you didn't say anything that would make him mad I'm guessing #1,2, or 3 is your answer. As you seem aware he is just a 17 year old boy so he is probably confused. He may still like you and is just hiding it for some reason. If you want him to be friendly again you could try asking him what is wrong but since you're an older girl he may just be intimidated by you and close up if you confront him.

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