Does a guy flirt with another girl in front of you?

Because he wants you to be jealous, or that he wants you to go away? I started to ignore him and another girl and to my surprise he reacted and tried to get my attention. Since this had been going on for MONTHS, I decides to keep to it. He didn't text, just tried to talk to me in person while the other girl just kept throwing herself at him. It then became awkward and we stopped talking. After about a month, I cracked and said hello, beginning last week. We even text a little. Now, he Really flirts with her. We were talking last week and he mumbled something and wouldn't repeat it, when I kept trying he changed the subject and called the girl over, randomly talking about how the should just travel the US together, just him and her. He then glanced at me after he said it. Two nights ago we were texting fine; I text him and responded just fine. Last night I went in and he pretended not to know me, wouldn't speak or look at me. Right in front of me he starts showing the girl his phone and his texts to his family "something he doesn't show anyone." of course, her being mean, laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world. Of course he didn't show me. Also, he told her he wanted to see her necklace (she's worn it thousands of times) and that she needed to come closer. So of course, right next to me, she leans in front of him and he stares at it. She leans lower and closer asking him if he likes it. If he knew what it was. So she just leans, and says he really likes the necklace. No idea.

You see, every time he and I have a good conversation, she interrupts even to the point of texting him just 6 ft away. She's always trying to distract him by telling him something dirty. I don't understand why he does that in front of me. Yea so I ignores him for a month but then why act like this? Why text w me? Is he trying to tell me to go away or make me jealous as pay back?
Does a guy flirt with another girl in front of you?
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