Guys would you ever date an amputee girl? A girl who is missing a leg?

I am missing part of my hip and my entire right leg because of an accident that I had when I was a younger. I sometimes use my prosthesis but most of the time I am on crutches. I feel really lonely and at my age, I haven't had any guy approach me ever, in parties I am always sitting by myself and no guy looks at me. I try to keep in shape and my family says I am pretty and I do have friends and I am pretty friendly, but I don't know what do you think, would you date a girl like me?.


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  • Actually that'd be fine. The only physical things I care about in a girl is a pretty face, and a healthy weight. Also, any guy that wouldn't want to date you just because you're missing a limb wouldn't be the right guy for you, so there's no need to lose any sleep over it. I'm sure you can find a good guy who won't care about that. Also, whether or not I would date you would depend on your personality.

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  • I most certainly would date a girl like that.

  • it's not that big a deal imo, your just missing a leg, I actually know a girl who lost her leg also in a car accident but she is so friendly and has such a great personality that she is more attractive than the other girls who have all their stuff, she also has a boyfriend while a lot of the other girls are single which all comes down to her personality imo, but she definately doesn't moap around, she is very active and does rowing so she keeps herself fit also

  • hmm, it depends on the attitude for me really, if you are still a really nice person, and were "all good below" I would still go out with you for sure =P but I would suggest maybe not going to so many parties because drunk people will steal your crutches in a heart beat

  • hmmm don't know what you look like. but no a leg and crutches would not be much of a problem. in the end you are going to use both prosthesis and crutches most of your life so personalize it a little bit? make it your own have it in a pretty colour or a style that suits your clothes you personality etc. I'm sure people say don't let it define you which is all nice to say but reality is, people will notice it, but if you can show that you are not ashamed with it and are comfortable with it will make a big difference.

    i knew a guy in a wheel chair who used humor to deflect a little bit but that's besides the point, he was outgoing and a ladies man. and was studying law last time I checked. point is if he can, so can you. watch out though some people may find you a bit of a fetish for them. some people have Asian of black or chubby fetishes etc. its not that it is bad, but make sure they like you because you are you. your smart enough I'm sure you'll work it out you've got time

  • I would date you if you were nice and cool to be with. the thing I have to be honest with is weather I would approach you, and to be honest, dispight how much I wish I could honestly say yes, I don't think I would.

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  • Aww I'm sorry honey. That must be awful. I can't even imagine that. People must admire you so much! I would! Guys your age can be slow on finding the "keepers." So just hang in there! I've seen a lady on TV that was missing both her legs (congenital disease) and she still married someone and had children (still had uterus). It was very interesting. The point is that there's no rule that says you'll end up lonely or anything. It has to do with how you portray yourself and the group of people you surround yourself with (how mature they are, open...). Don't be afraid to be different. Find someone who will love ya more because of it! You know? There are so many role models out there in similar situations. Maybe research them and join a support group! Best of luck hun! =)

  • i know this is so for guys, but I think that the only people who wouldn't be okay with that are extremely shallow people. with me to be friends with people or something they have to be nice have a great personality and have a sense of humor. I actually know someone who won't talk to people shorter then 4'0 . people that are shallow like that are not worth it, don't let those types bring you down. you seem like a great person, like someone said down there I wouldn't go to so many parties, drunk people can get people down