Why does she keep making excuses?

This girl and I have known each other for about 8 months, and have gone through a lot of stuff together. We recently started dating about 2 months ago, and every time we've hung out, we have a great time. The chemistry is there, the physical attraction is there, we sahre the same interests and we... Show More

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  • Wow never thought Id have to say this to a guy but never bring up the relationship status unless its clear that she would be open to it. the more you ask the more of a turn off it is especially since she already gave her answer once. Quite frankly she tired of hearing the same old questions from you. "Go with the flow" is code for shutup, you're rushing things. If you can't wait longer than 2 months then she's not "the one". Hang out with her as usual and don't mention it again. When you are ready to give up then just give up in actions by backing off and don't say anything. If I was her and you ended it after 2months because of this then I wouldn't feel too bad about it because Id think I wasn't that special to you if you could walk away so soon because I'm not comfortable yet. I wouldn't think that you would be a very understanding mate in the future either. That actually may be what you are making her question about the relationship. I guarantee you, back off with the words but continue to do the same things you're doing. I know its tough but pretend she's just a friend you are trying to get to know. You might want to back off the "I love you's" too. Only say it when it's really appropriate, not every time you hang up the phone 2 or 3 times a day lol. Good Luck

    • Are you kidding? She's the one that started it with the "i love yous". And I hardly ever bring up the relationship thing in the first place, maybe once or twice every couple of months. And every time I do it, she makes an excuse or wants to wait longer. I'm not going to put my life on hold for her anymore, either she wants it or she doesnt. And if she doesn't want it, then stop making excuses and she needs to stop wasting my time.

    • You asked. I answered. Women are complicated. You are thinking like a man when I am sharing the way of some females. For example, another guy said below about girls wanting sex but saying they are not ready. Its easy for us to get sex so if we had sex with every guy we were just attracted to we'd be sluts so we have to hold back and pick and choose who we sleep with. Same thing here. Despite how she feels something is holding her back and it may be your impatience with her. I know men

    • I know men. When men want something from a woman they expect to happen on their time regardless of whether the woman is comfortable with it or not but when the show is on the other foot then women are supposed to be understanding. Think of something that was important to you but that you are not ready for like marriage or kids, if she asked you and you said you werent ready would 2 months be acceptable for her to wait and then leave you if didn't change your mind yet?