Boyfriend checking out other women?

Am I crazy for being angry because I think it's rude. I've been with my boyfriend for two years and I've had this problem with him for over a year now I tried talking to him about it and he says he'll stop or he wasn't looking at anyone. It's just that I'm tired of talking. I know men look but he stares at women or he turns his head when he looks and it pisses me off because it makes me feel ugly. I'm a pretty girl and besides I really feel bad because he's a lot older than me I'm 29 and he's 44 so this is rather insulting to me also some of his family members told me he was a dog when he was younger so I was thinking maybe it's just he's an old player but who the hell wants to be with an older man that checks out other chicks for that I can date a younger guy. I don't know, I love him but this really bothers me, please some advise anyone, especially from guys.


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  • i think its goen to my head to much ! my boyfriend says to me that he doesn't find any other girls attractive at all ... which I know for a fact that's a lie and that getts on my nerves but tis becoming a real psychotic issue for me . when he goes into the mall to wor ki say to him dotn loook around and to be goood and when he getts out of work I ask him a million tiems if he checked out girls or if he saw any and stuff like that... but if I try not to ask hi mthen I get sooooo angry inside and I burst ... and I feel bad because sometimes he prob really isn't looking but I bug out on him badd even though... and when I'm with him walking around ill try to avoid being around girls and if there in front of him ill waist time so they can pass and ill watch him liek a hawk and we get into so many fights because of it and I think this is becoming a huge problem because I can't function normally now everyday I go through this with him and I just have to ask and I get so angry inside ... do I have a problem ? lke something psychological ? help ! I don't want to keep worring about this but I can't help it and I wonder if I neeed meds or somehting helllp !

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      I know how you get insecure, I do too. I think you'd have to see a therapist if you can't function properly. It sucks that guys do this, but to them it's meaningless, and you don't want to lose him to jealousy. Guys do get fed up and don't understand, and they break up when they feel caged. I'm sorry to say this, but you have to get over it if you don't want to lose him. It sucks, but there are battles you just can't win!

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      Don't worry, you're not the only one who does that. I do all you've described to my girlfriend. When your significant other looks at another person, it makes you feel like you're not good enough. That's what it is. Makes me think that she isn't the one for me...but of course that's crazy thoughts right? Who knows..I'd assume my other half would only have eyes for me, just as I only have eyes for her, and no one else in the world could catch my attention.

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      wow, JohnNaughten, crazy I didn't think guys were like that

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