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Does it mean anything if a guy rubs your back while hugging?

I was wondering Because my ex hugged me recently and it was a long tight hug and he was just rubbing my back and it made me curious. Does it mean... Show More

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What Guys Said 4

  • If I'm rubbing someone's back while hugging it's because I'm trying to calm them or comfort them.

  • No how could that possibly mean anything? I hug like that too and it doesn't mean anything at all.

  • Think it means he cares about you, meaning he has sympathy or I don't know empathy, Good luck, Lols

What Girls Said 1

  • He must still have some feelings for you, because if I didn't want my ex anymore I certainly would not give him a hug, nor would I give him a tight hug AND rub his back. I say he still does care for you, maybe misses your touch and was trying to get some closeness to you.

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