Girl flirts with other guys on first date and even leaves for 5 minutes with guy?.

Seriously. Do some of you girls think every guy is stupid and retarded?

How I met this girl: on Halloween and she was with another guy. She flirted with me, asked me out on a date.

I set it up. We arrive at the venue, we talk for a bit. We negotiate who's paying or what food and who's paying for what drinks. We sing karaoke. She's not listening to me half the time. Arranges a pool game with some guy and talks to him right in front of me. So I try to leave. She stops me.

keep in mind: we both agreed it's a date.

so she stops me.*pause we sit at table continue talking and she is putting on more perfume while looking at the other fell* we have some more drinks. she is grabbing my legs big hug, almost kiss*. the guy offers her weed, and she runs across the street with a guy to a hotel to "smoke weed," probably true but for that five minutes but (at this point she may as well be leaving for a quickie with him). it looked really bad. They come back in five minutes later from across the street. they are exchanging numbers right in front of me.

I admit... it was not cool of me to lose my cool. but at this point. I mean, I already tried to leave because she was flirting with the guy, I explained myself to her, she should have been at least a little more considerate. You'd think she know how to take a hint, that really wasn't a hint at all... So yes I lost my cool. I told her "F you!" as loudly as I could and left. and she still comes after me with the guy and they are trying to win me over. I took a cab and left. she's all "if you ever wanna hang again never do that again." well you know what... Likewise.

Girls or guys. If you are on a first date, not cool to hang all over someone else. It lowers my value (and yours) instead of raising it. It's not gonna make me chase you. I pawned all my DVDs to go on a date with you. rubbed myself down in the shower 3 times, bought condoms (just in case), even borrowed money from my cousin, so I could take you out and show you an awesome friggin time! The least you could do is hang with me for a couple hours and give it a chance. I mean why even ask me on a date if you're looking for something better anyway? You really should have just skipped me and not wasted my (and your) time. I mean most girls would be pissed at me for ditching them on a first date even for five minutes., (to which I got agreement with other girls in the bar).

So I guess my question is: what the hell is going through some of you girl's head's when you do stuff like this? Does it really do anything for you, besides a lousy ego boost? do you get anything meaningful out of it? is it really fun? does it build long lasting friendships and relationships? Does it make you look good when I am yelling at you? can someone please explain this to me?
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first of all I want to apologize. I didn't mean to slander women. It's just this thing seems to be a pretty common occurrence with me. I guess I am just attracting players left and right. a lot of what I said was in the heat of my anger, being one hour after the date.
Girl flirts with other guys on first date and even leaves for 5 minutes with guy?.
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