I had a female friend that one night slept over my place in my bed with me and I didn't make a move because.....

I thought she just wanted to be friends and feel close to me.

Women, am I a moron that didn't take advantage of a clear signal to escalate the relationship with this amazingly sexy blasian girl, or do you guys think she just felt that cumfy enough with me to spend the night and I would have ruined it by trying to have sex with her?


Most Helpful Girl

  • If a girl sleeps in your bed, she likes you. I don't get the close to someone unless I'm interested, because I know how guys are (even my guy friends) and I would not get in a bed with them because I would know what they would attempt to do.

    But if I like the guy, I won't care if he tries to mess around. But I also won't care if he just wants to cuddle. And if it's too much too fast, I'll tell him I'm not ready but otherwise... it's almost expected of guys to make some type of move, even if it's just kissing.

    It's sweet that you cuddled with her though, and it probably makes her feel more special to you if you don't initiate sex the first time you get in bed with her.

    There's always next time though. You're on the right track.