Girls, do you like if a guy compliments your toenails?

I met a really hot girl in the elevator on my way to my apartment today. I think she just moved in. Anyway... I saw her and froze up. I tried to stay cool and calm, but all that came out of my mouth was "I like your toe nails." I really did like them... but, I was wondering if it came off creepy or weird. She just said "oh, thank you! I worked hard on them."

So, girls, what do you think? Is it cool when a guy compliments your toe nails, or creepy?


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  • Its original I'll give you that much. It wouldn't creep me out but probably actually make me smile a little because its not the same generic line every woman hears. If I worked hard on them and made an effort then I'd want them to be noticed, otherwise what's the point, its like women getting their hair done and then giving out if their s.o doesn't notice. To me it shows you pay attention to the little details


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  • You came off creepy

  • Apply the theory of relativity...

    Your compliment is good/bad, cute/confusing, etc. only based on the context of when, where, and how you said it, the sort of girl she is and the sort of guy you are.

    Guys tend to freeze and say the funniest little things. Girls either stand there and wonder, think your creepy, or are aware that guys tend to experience brain freeze when in contact with slushies and hot girls. Which one is she. Only one way to find out, and that's to chat her up a little more. After all, it IS the neighborly thing to do. ;)

    Complimenting her toe nails can tell her a few things. You're a foot fetishist (with a "note to self" to carry pepper spray), you're shy and had to look down at her feet (thereby noticing the toesies), you're smart enough not to fumble and say, "Nice boobs -- I mean shirt!" If you have the whole shy guy look going for you, you're pretty much safe. If you seem more like the confident guy who suddenly got brain freeze... Well, just try not to compliment her toes/shoes next time. ;)

    You did fine. It's not you, it's the species. Besides, maybe she HAS adorable toes and works hard to keep them that way! Just remember to breathe evenly when she's around.

  • Totally creepy. I prob would have busted out laughing. That was your 1st interaction w her? Yikes. I would have just smiled introduced myself and asked her name, etc. Compliments are nice but complimenting her toenails was a little random.

  • Not creepy, just a little bit strange.

  • I would probably find it a little strange if a random guy started complimenting my toe nails or feet. I mean sure it's nice to be complimented but I would try complimenting her hair or her perfume (if you notice she's wearing perfume that is) and eye contact is key.

    Hope this helps :)

    • Okay. Maybe next time I see her I will try again. Just wanted to know if I ruined any chance I had. lol.

    • I think you still have a chance. If she had completely ignored you then I would say forget it but she didn't so next time try to be a bit more confident and if you like her ask her out :)

  • No I don't think its creepy. I'm sure she (at least I would) would just be thinking you were talking about the polish on her toes. No polish? Then you're simply conplimenting her feet. No creepiness intended and I would find it refreshing that someone was paying attention to my feet.

  • well, it would sound strange because its the first words you said to her...but at least, you're honest. lol

  • Lol! I think you are reading too much into it.

    Persoanlly I don't like my feet even though I take care to look after and make them look pretty.

    I wouldn't like a compliment because then I know he is looking at them! I don't wear sandals for that reason!

    It may seem an odd thing to compliment on, but if she spent some time making them look nice and she likes her feet. Then it may seem flattering for you to notice such a small detail.

    But... I think some women would think that is creepy.

    As long as you look at her eyes next time and say Hi and not her toes... I think all should be fine,

    she will realize you were just giving a compliment and you don't necesarily want to f*** her feet. haha

  • i find that odd... You couldn't have told her she looked nice? I mean I like when people notice things about me.. But I don't know.. The toe nail things is odd.. Sorry

    • Yeah, it was the first thing I noticed. I guess I figured she wouldn't put all that effort into them, then show them off in an uncomfortable pair of shoes all day if she didn't want them to be noticed.

  • Not in the elevator no.

    Are you cute?

    • I'd like to think so... lol. I am told I am attractive, yes.

    • Okay, if you have positive feedback about your looks then you probably didn't spook her out too much. I mean you know, if you are off-putting in appearance it does change the way a person feels about you. So don't worry about the comment it happened. Its over with. At least you said something. Sometimes I can't even utter anything at all, I envy the person who can still make utterances.

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