Girls, do you like if a guy compliments your toenails?

I met a really hot girl in the elevator on my way to my apartment today. I think she just moved in. Anyway... I saw her and froze up. I tried to stay cool and calm, but all that came out of my mouth was "I like your toe nails." I really did like them... but, I was wondering if it came off creepy or weird. She just said "oh, thank you! I worked hard on them."

So, girls, what do you think? Is it cool when a guy compliments your toe nails, or creepy?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Its original I'll give you that much. It wouldn't creep me out but probably actually make me smile a little because its not the same generic line every woman hears. If I worked hard on them and made an effort then I'd want them to be noticed, otherwise what's the point, its like women getting their hair done and then giving out if their s.o doesn't notice. To me it shows you pay attention to the little details