How to make a guy want you back?

I'm going to a party this weekend with my cousin and this guy who I dated awhile ago is going to be there.

Our "relationship" ended when he just stopped talking to me for no reason. I still don't know what happened.

I want to know what I should do to make this guy regret breaking it off. I want him to see me and want to have me back!


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  • You can't make men want you back. Well not genuinely. It's called manipulation and it never works out well in the end!

    BUT, if you want to make him wonder whether he made the right choice though. Be and act positive. Dress up fab (NOT cheap! ) and have a good time with your cousin and mates. Show him that it's his loss that he stopped associating with you and you can take him or leave him. Socialize, smile, laugh, flirt with everyone there and even go and do the same with him. Not in a secluded one-on-one kind of way, but if he's there in a group, go and talk to them all. Show him that you're not bothered. Hope that helps.


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  • Be nice to him, flirt, and see if you can get him to hang out with you some other time. If he hesitates, he might not be interested. But if he seems surprised and excited, he probably still likes you and there is a good chance you can get him back. If not, you might want to forget him.

  • if you want him back... tell him directly instead of playing games... If you simply want him to feel miserable for dumping you... you're out of luck. He is immune to your evil feminine manipulations

  • I just found a website about this very thing the other day. I was in a similar situation and the site really helped me: California Astrology Association

    Yeah, I know...astrology and horoscopes...fiction. But it was eerily accurate for me and who cares whether the stuff is real or not. If a reading helps you figure out what you really want (and who you really want and whether you want to spend time getting this guy to like you again), then it doesn't matter where it comes from.

    I wish you all the best with this situation and I hope this helps.

  • What you should do is flirt with somebody in front of him, he should get jealous and want to take you back, if not then I don't know, hope this works for you.


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  • The best way to do it is to first look killer hot like absolutely smoking but not too revealing or overdone, this makes it obvious you're trying. Guys can be easily persuaded by aesthetic beauty.

    But seriously, to all the girls out there it's not only that.. you have to be the bigger and better person inside as well. If he can see right through you as a person with maybe low self-esteem or low self-respect it isn't going to work. You have to be a strong woman and prove not to him but yourself that you can have a great time at this party because you're a fun person/friend and a great gal. And you're perfectly happy without him in your life. It's a bit of a paradox.

  • be cool and don't worry about what he's doing confidence is sexy and he'll notice you're not looking his way... but sometimes it's just over

  • ignore him a guy hates that and then he will start talking to you and more

  • Jealousy will make him want you.

    Start talking to a guy friend. Get him to go along with it. Get him to make you laugh and put his arm around you. Get him to hug you and kiss your cheek. The other man will get so jealous and he'll wish he never left.

  • To get a guy to want you or like you back, you've got to wear something that makes you look really irresistible and flirt with another guy in front of him but don't be mean to the "guy" but act a little oblivious to his presence. It's bound to work! This happened to me and I know exactly how you feel right now! Some guys can be real JERKS! Don't smile to him too much or he won't respect you- he has to know you were sad when he just stopped talking to you. Follow your instincts, does this guy even deserve you back?

    If he does try to work on the reasons the relationship went wrong, didn't see each other enough maybe?

  • Look HOT. like, to the max.

    and don't talk to him, make him talk to you.

    Maybe, talk(flirt) with other guys in front of him, pretending you don't see him the whole night.

  • Look hot, your best & ignore him play hard to get, they usually fall for that!

  • tell him I love you, he might like you back.