How to make a guy want you back?

I'm going to a party this weekend with my cousin and this guy who I dated awhile ago is going to be there.

Our "relationship" ended when he just stopped talking to me for no reason. I still don't know what happened.

I want to know what I should do to make this guy regret breaking it off. I want him to see me and want to have me back!


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  • You can't make men want you back. Well not genuinely. It's called manipulation and it never works out well in the end!

    BUT, if you want to make him wonder whether he made the right choice though. Be and act positive. Dress up fab (NOT cheap! ) and have a good time with your cousin and mates. Show him that it's his loss that he stopped associating with you and you can take him or leave him. Socialize, smile, laugh, flirt with everyone there and even go and do the same with him. Not in a secluded one-on-one kind of way, but if he's there in a group, go and talk to them all. Show him that you're not bothered. Hope that helps.


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