What could a 38 years old man want from a 21 years old woman

What would make a 38 years old man approach a 21 years old woman.

I work in a men and women clothing store, last Friday

This guy kept on checking me out, than he finally

Came to me askd if I had a man and asked for my number.

I wanted to give it to him since I thought he was very handsome.

But didn't want to seem easy, so I said "next time you come ill give you my number" he said okay ill come next Friday,

And he came this weekend too, amd asked for my number again...

I gave it to me...

My question is, is it possible for a 38 years old man to want anything more then just sex from an attractive 21 year old female?

Lol, thank you all
I think I picked the Best answer as the best answer :)

You guys make no sense because even 20 19 and 27 years old

Men approach me, so when a 38 years old man approach me

Doesn't mean all he wants is sex, and maybe a guy my own age

Might want to f*** me more than the 38 years old man wants too
I absolutely LOVE older men :)


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  • Yes it's definitely possible he genuinely wants to get to know you...even if he was 21, the same progression of "she is attractive and I may never see her again so I want to get her contact info to get to know her",

    is exactly the same whether he is 21, 30, 38, or 50. THAT doesn't change with age, so quit it with the ageism and see where things go before you condemn his intentions for no reason other than your fearful discrimination.

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      It's not about ageism it's about logic! I prefer younger men but I know in a relationship if the age gap is too big it simply will not work. People are at different stages in life to be abe to relate to each other in the required way.