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What could a 38 years old man want from a 21 years old woman

What would make a 38 years old man approach a 21 years old woman. I work in a men and women clothing store, last Friday This guy kept on checking... Show More

Lol, thank you all
I think I picked the Best answer as the best answer :)

You guys make no sense because even 20 19 and 27 years old
Men approach me, so when a 38 years old man approach me
Doesn't mean all he wants is sex, and maybe a guy my own age
Might want to f*** me more than the 38 years old man wants too
I absolutely LOVE older men :)

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  • Yes it's definitely possible he genuinely wants to get to know you...even if he was 21, the same progression of "she is attractive and I may never see her again so I want to get her contact info to get to know her",is exactly the same whether he is 21, 30, 38, or 50. THAT doesn't change with age, so quit it with the ageism and see where things go before you condemn his intentions for no reason other than your fearful discrimination.

    • It's not about ageism it's about logic! I prefer younger men but I know in a relationship if the age gap is too big it simply will not work. People are at different stages in life to be abe to relate to each other in the required way.

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  • All men approach women because they find them sexually attractive.Some are only ever looking for sex. Some are looking to see if there's relationship potential.I'd hazard a guess that older guys are slightly more likely in general to be looking for a relationship, though may be slightly less likely to find someone much younger compatible relationship-wise. Those two factors kind of offset and its a wash.It is true he's more likely only going to be interested in you physically, but that would also be true if he was 22. Whether he's open to more developing you'd have to find out.

    • I agree with you 100%

  • He doesn't know anything about you but your job and your looks. Since it's probably not about your job, he must be interested in your looks Why? Your guess is as good as mine. He asked you if you have a man. Maybe he wants to sell you an insurance or subscribe you to his dating agency or offer you a million but usually it's about getting laid.

  • the answer is obvious. he wants to have sex with you!

  • Fact: Older men like younger women just as much as women their own age.

  • three letter word, what else?

  • He approached you for your looks, asked for your number on same concept, so yeah. He's not really into anything more than physical. Though I'm sure he'll attempt to get to know your personality somewhat. And by attempt, I mean half assing it.

  • Doubt it, He's probably looking for some fun... I mean age gap relationships can happen, but it's rare someone random walks up to you for your personality.

  • Well I would say why not. It actually makes much more sense fore someone of a guy in his thirties in a woman in her twenties. Most women his age are either already tied down with committed relationships and stuff like that or have are burdened with their own problems and might even have huge issues themselves. Younger women might not have the same problems and be in that sense much more pealing.For example I'll give you something that happened to me last year. There was this girl and we were getting along really great. I was really starting to like her and I think the other way around. She even invited me to go on vacation with her for almost two weeks. Anyway when I was setting up insurance for the trip I saw that she was actually 8 years younger than me. Witch was a huge surprise since I figured that my long term ex of the time was 5 years younger than me and figured that even that was too much of an age difference. But it turned out it wasn't it was great. Later because of my own issues and stupidity I screwed everything up unrepairable but nevertheless the age difference wasn't much of an issue. I'd say that if you find him interesting get to know him and don't let the age difference be an issue. Granted it's quite a difference but I've seen a lot larger age differences work quite ok.Good luck

  • of course, it happens more then you think. the people going on about how your not supposed to date a person unless he fits a certain mathematical formula are immature and have little knowledge of the world.

  • I personally like hugs and kisses as much as sex. I want someone that recognizes me as a leader and knows I am well experieced in many areas.

    • What!?

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    • This is a perfect example on what a 38 year old would you, lol.

    • I am talking about what I (as being older) would want with a 21 year old.

  • Like all relationships... ATTRACTION.. is the first thing to draw the man in... yep he fancies the pants off you...,, everything else is all you!!!

  • yes, probably an older guy wants to keep you, why don't you go out with him and see what the deal is

  • I wouldn't trust him right away, he probably wants to own you or something.

    • Don't trsu him right away he will probably do something to you with out you realizing it, it could be anything he wants to do to you. He probably just want to have sex with you or something he is in it for your looks. get to know him first, don't believe anything he says right away.

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    • By the way I am 23.lol.

    • if I had to approach you in person I would just be your friend first to get to know you to see how things go before it goes beyond friendship. See I am one of the good guys left on this planet.

  • yes, his mature and hi finally gets it, what he diden't when he was younger.his just a late blommer like my self.

  • Age shouldn't really matter as long as it's legal. If you like him go for it . You're both GROWN

    • Except her experience in life is much less than his. And I'd like to say maturity but I feel like I couldn't

  • A 38 year old man would want the same thing from an 21 year old woman, that any other guy would want from a 21 year old woman. It doesn't mean he would value her any less than an older woman.

    • @update. I agree. Guys of any age ask out women that they are attracted to. It doesn't mean they are only looking for sex.

  • Maybe, but not likely if he was checking you out like that. If you don't mind what were his exact words in asking you if you had a man? It didn't come off as creepy?

    • No honestly he didn't seem creepy at all.

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    • True true

    • Thanks for not sharing his secrets Titi!

What Girls Said 10

  • It is possible for him to truly be interested in you for things other than your pussie, but that sweet young thing between your legs is certainly on his mind.

  • "What could a 38 years old man want from a 21 years old woman"Her body.

  • You already know the answer, so you shouldn't be asking.

  • I doubt it, especially in an instance where he already decided that he liked you and wanted your number before you even spoke to him. I don't know how guys that old can hit on young women and not think they're coming across as really creepy.

  • It could be genuine but for most not usually. I have never trusted the older man younger women thing. I know a lot of older men that have gotten with younger women and they usually treat them like crap (not always) but the ones that do go for younger women because they know women their own age are too clued up for their bull. The guys more often then not get fed up and say they cannot relate to them or converse properly in a real relationship. Only time can tell!

  • Feel like you only picked the one you wanted to hear because its definitely not best answer.

    • No he just made the most sense to be honest.

  • It's unlikely he wants anything but sex.

  • He could want something more than just sex, but iit's not likely. Older men usually go for much younger women for the young booty.

  • Rarely. if he does then watch out because he will either be very immature or a control freak. there is something wrong with a guy like that if he's not looking for just sex.

    • Lol I see

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    • Yeah cause when guys that are like twice my age approach me, I totally believe they all have good intentions outside of sex or looking for a younger woman he thinks he can control. That's what most old men who go after younger women are like. Or if he's not like that he's got some midlife crisis issues and is just really immature. I didn't think that my statement was that hard to understand..

    • it was a little difficult yes.

  • Sex, disregard the question at the bottom

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