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Guys, If a girl playfully hits you, do you know that she likes you?

cus I've been hanging out w a guy who I'm interested in and I playfully hit him and he was like why do you do that and I just smiled. I asked one of... Show More

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  • it tells me she's comfortable around me, but not that she likes me. could just be as a friend.

    • Pointers on what else to do if I actully dig him and am in to him?!this is the story of what happendhttp://www.girlsaskguys.com/Relationships-Questions/96509-hes-my-neighbor-and-i-cant-stop-thinking-about.html

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  • Playful hitting is definite interest in my mind but it depends on his experience and how well you know each other. I usually say something like "Hey! Careful, I have brittle bones *smirk*"

  • Define playfully.I've found that when girls "playfully" hit me, it's sometimes a red flag that means they'll quickly graduate to non-so-playful hitting when they're angry. Lots of girls are outraged at domestic abuse, yet they think it's okay to hit guys.

    • No I'm not that type of girl. I hit him on the shoulder or take my hand and lightly tap his face and be like has I got you that time in the game.. but at the same time I have always had guy friends that I don't know how to be flirty when I actully like a guy. this is the story on this ? linked belowhttp://www.girlsaskguys.com/Relationships-Questions/96509-hes-my-neighbor-and-i-cant-stop-thinking-about.html

  • If I was having a conversation with a girl and she kinda hit me on the shoulder with a laugh, then hell yes I'd put all my moves on her. How else do you interpret that? There is no way, I tell you.

    • Like we were playing video games lastnite and he was killing me in em and I hit him playfully and he was like why what was that for and I just looked at him and smiled. and whenever I see him I can't help but laugh or smile and I was wondering dose he know I like him?

    • If you've been hanging out for a particularly long time then it could be he takes that stuff as business as usual and doesn't think much of it. Personally if I noticed a girl was finding excuses to touch me, I'd consider it a pretty strong signal.

    • Umm we have only been hanging out like 4days

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