Is it true most female bartenders are sluts?

This lady shared her story as a bartender while attending college. She said most of them have been "around the block" that's disgusting. Why do you think females become bartenders in the first place in you're opinion?


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  • Not at all. I think it's wrong to assume that.

    I think they become bartenders because it's a job they either think they will enjoy or they will make enough money to be happy.


What Girls Said 2

  • I was a bartender for years and was, in fact the opposite of a slut. I got hit on by so many drunk guys (and girls!) that it completely turned me off to mindless dating. I became a bartender for the money! It was a great gig post-college when I had a lot of loans to pay off. I took every shift I could to take in the cash 🤑

  • No, do not base one bartender's story and apply it to every other female bartender out there. Some do it because that is what they like to do. Some do it because they get good tips.