Has anyone sunbathed nude in their backyard?

I was lying out in my backyard completely naked and my dad came home. My bikini was like 10 feet from my chair. I was really embarrassed. My dad just said it was a great day to get some sun. I was completely shocked. He said just don't let the neighbors see you, and went back inside. Since then, I lay out as much as I can.


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  • My daughter just completed her first year away at college. When I came home early one afternoon this summer she was laying out by out pool nude. I said the same thing that your dad said. :-)


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  • I just recently began sunbathing nude, I'm 18. I was curious about it and wanted to see if I could get a full tan. Wendsdays-Fridays I'm home alone until my sisters, 14 and 16, get home from school which is around 2:20 pm. So now from around 12-2:10 pm I sunbath nude. The problem is there is my neighbors house overlooking over the fence. Big problem because I doubt they would approve. So I got two chairs together and threw a big comforter blanket from my bed over them to make it look like I was leaving it out to dry after washing. Then I go out and lay next to the chairs so they block the neighbors view. I layed a seat comforter on the ground and striped behind the cover of the blanket. The first time, which was last week, at first, felt real weird laying nude outside. I was so worried that one slip of the blanket by a breeze and it would let anybody looking through a window or sitting out on the balcony at my neighbors house get a gud view. I got a good base tan on all around and it felt real good. I made sure to use plenty of sunblock. I honestly can't wait till wednesday so I can a even darker tan. In two weeks I shud get a nice even full-body tan.

  • Haha awesome. I do the tanning bed nude. Not the same thing though haha

  • I have no tan lines

  • Just make sure to use lots of sunscreen!

  • Sunbathing nude is the best way to enjoy the sun. If you can't feel the sun all over your body then it is not worth it! I love going to Watson Lake in Prescott Arizona to sunbathe. It has the best rocks to lie and enjoy the sunshine.

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  • I have a few times. We have a great backyard with a pool and a wood fence. But I don't like to see myself naked so I just close my eyes and have my earphones in. I can't see or hear anything lol.

  • Nope, but I don't sunbathe, too bad for you.

    And if I lived with my parents, I would never lay out nude, too weird.

  • My friend and I lay out near my pool (16). Just last week my older brother (18) came home unexpectedly and caught us. He was actually really cool about it. I was surprised when he asked if he could join us? I had never seen my brother nude before. I said sure. He pulled up a lounge chair and got undress. He looked completely shaved except for a little hair just above his penis. My friend and I just smiled at each other as he lay down completely naked with us. After a few minutes I notice his penis was starting to get bigger, and sure enough we was starting to get an erection. I acted like it was no big deal. I didn't want to embarrass him. My friend then turned over on her back, and my brother must have liked what he saw, because he then got completely hard and his penis was standing at attention. He looked embarrassed and asked if he we wanted him to cover up, and my friend said don't worry about it. I was in complete shock. His erection lasted for like 30 minutes. He even got up and walked over to the pool like that. As he walked over to the pool he was so hard it just stood straight out from his body. After a while he settled down. We all had a good experience. Do you think it was wrong?

    • That's m?s hot haha I wish that stuff would happen to me

    • That's oddly hot, and cool that everyone was so relaxed about it.

  • I have, but only if I'm certain no one's around to see. I have a younger brother, after all, and that could be awkward! Just make sure that you protect your skin! :)

  • I have! It's fun. But I have it easy, there's a big fence around our pool and patio area in the back yard so no one can see in. That's that main reason I do it. No one can see me and it's helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin. Skinny dipping is fun too!