Girlfriend doesn't show her feelings or doesn't care at all?

Me and my girlfriend are best friends. We spend all our time together. We have been together four years, and she means the world to me. But sometimes... Show More

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  • It can be that she isn't a very affectionate girl... I have some gfriends that really don't like being affectionate or even talking about their feelings, because they feel that if they start talking about it they may become vulnerable and people could hurt them deeply.

    Don't worry.. If she didn't care for you she would have dumped you long time ago.. A girl doesn't stay with a guy if she doesn't have feelings for him. Give her some time... Then probably she will feel more comfortable talking about her feelings.. Really..DON'T WORRY

    There's many girls out there that seem to have a stone cold hard when really they have deep feelings, the problem is they don't know how to show them.