Why did he take his girlfriend back and why is he ignoring me?

So i felt feelings for this guy (who has a girlfriend for 6 years) when i was visiting his brother during lockdown, cause we were staying at their house i left it and focused on the brother but he left me for another girl. So 6 months later me and my friend drive through their town and the brothers girlfriend sees us at their local pub and says that he said im not allowed to drive home drunk. She & my friend goes to bed and he says i must stay for a drink.. So we end up on the dam wall watching the sun come up and i go to bed. Eventually him and his girlfriend wakes me up and gives me another drink. She goes to bed again and he says he wants to show us how to ride the canal, it was amazing! The more i spent time with him the more i thought oh my gosh this is the most amazing person. So later the afternoon my friend hooked up with one of his friends and we were alone & he told me that im the most amazing girl he has ever met & his he has so much feelings for me but its complicated with his girlfriend. So i said oh my gosh i totally developed feelings for him too when i was staying with them during lockdown. & then we kissed. He kept asking what he must tell his girlfriend when we were driving around & i was like yes i know its gona be difficult to let go so i dont expect him to leave her and just go on. So we found a spot and made out but then she & her sister found us and caught us kissing. We went to his house to get private, cause he said that he's never felt this happy in his life & he doesn't give a shit what she says he wants me, then we saw car lights and stopped and thats when she started yelling and breaking things so i told my friend its better to just leave. So she blocked me on everything and i haven't heard from him in almost three weeks. I really had bigchemistry &i had butterflies for the first time in 6 years, its was the best kiss I've ever had &he also said so &i can't forget about him.
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I want him
Why did he take his girlfriend back and why is he ignoring me?
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