He asked me to be his girlfriend on the first date!


I have met this guy from a dating site and I met up with him for the first time at the weekend. We got on great, like we had known each other for ages.. very similar personalities, cheeky, funny, sarcastic, don't put up with any crap, give as good as I get etc!

He asked me if I was definately wanting to meet up again and that he didn't expect me to turn up but was glad I did.

He is in the army, & I waited for him at the train station for him to get his train back.. while we were waiting he hugged me & said "what would you say if I asked you out?" I just looked at him, & smiled.. in a kind of I don't know how to take it kinda way!

I asked him that night if he meant as in are we dating, he said no I mean as in were together. I said why did you ask me to be your girlfriend so soon,he said because I like you and I like you quite a bit, & I'd like this to work and we get on so well and you're a lot like me etc. Plus he said I know that I want this wot work because you actually turned up and I didn't think you would,

He has asked to take me out on Friday, but has asked me to get a hotel with him I have told him that nothing is going to happen and that I am unsure about staying there with him. he said he respects my decision and will not sleep with me unless I said yes.

So my question is is this normal for him to ask me to be his girlfriend so soon? and do you think there are hidden reasons for this?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Smells like desperation to me.

    • I don't know why he would be so desperate, because he is very attractive & has a personality to match! I can't see him being short of offers...

    • Looks can be deceiving. You don't know what he's been through in life or what he's about

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  • its hard to know...but I do think that I would be very cautious because it seems like he falls fast for people, which also means he could fall out of love rather fast too.