Why do girls have such a horrible taste in guys?

I see a ton of girls at my school hanging out with ugly *** dudes, but here I am, this downright outrageously good-looking guy, and I get nothing.

I walk around like the hot **** that I am, but that just makes girls ignore me even more... Either that or they stare in dismay, obviously not able to comprehend what god's gift to women looks like.

So why do girls have such horrible taste in guys? I look exactly like Brad Pitt...only 98 times hotter and dreamier with my chiseled jaw and my piercing blue eyes and golden sun-tanned skin covering bulging muscles, and long silky blonde hair.

Wake up! HELLO?!

Fine if you women don't want a MAN, then so be it. Go ahead and go after your scrawny, nerdy, ugly boys. If you need to find me, I'll be walking down the sidewalk, twitching my pec muscles at female passerbyer's, getting p*ssed when they ignore it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • People are intimidated by perfection. It's hard to feel even remotely adequate when talking to a god much less be in a relationship with one. The rejection from a man as perfect as you would completely tear their self esteem to shreds and they will probably end lesbians. Why risk such devastation? Life is much easier when dealing with someone in their league. Alas, to be blessed with such exquisiteness can be a curse - I know because I suffer the same fate.


    This made me laugh.

    If you were to display your sense of humor as openly as you love yourself, I'm sure the women would come in droves. A man that can make you laugh is the best kind of man out there.

    Good luck with the ladies, O paragon of perfection.