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Why do girls have such a horrible taste in guys?

I see a ton of girls at my school hanging out with ugly *** dudes, but here I am, this downright outrageously good-looking guy, and I get nothing. I... Show More

Fine if you women don't want a MAN, then so be it. Go ahead and go after your scrawny, nerdy, ugly boys. If you need to find me, I'll be walking down the sidewalk, twitching my pec muscles at female passerbyer's, getting p*ssed when they ignore it.

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  • People are intimidated by perfection. It's hard to feel even remotely adequate when talking to a god much less be in a relationship with one. The rejection from a man as perfect as you would completely tear their self esteem to shreds and they will probably end lesbians. Why risk such devastation? Life is much easier when dealing with someone in their league. Alas, to be blessed with such exquisiteness can be a curse - I know because I suffer the same fate. *sigh* This made me laugh.If you were to display your sense of humor as openly as you love yourself, I'm sure the women would come in droves. A man that can make you laugh is the best kind of man out there.Good luck with the ladies, O paragon of perfection.

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What Girls Said 21

  • Is this a joke or are you really that lost? Girls like a confident guy but not a guy whose so rapped up in himself. Sounds like you are extremely over confident. If you are serious you might have better luck coming down from your pedestal and showing that your real.

  • I think it's your incredible modesty that gets in the way

  • LOL because stuck up guys like you, doesn't really need a girl eh more like you just want to stare at yourself in the mirror... We like humble guys who have good personalities and focus on other things than looks.

  • If you keep thinking like that you are gonna be alone forever... : / looks fade with time anyways...

  • You sound way too much in love with yourself. That is such a turn off.

  • Haha. The fact that you're single doesn't surprise me at all. You're cocky attitude is repulsive. It probably overshadows your looks. If there's one thing I hate most in a guy its the fact that he's hot and he KNOWS he's hot and walks around like he owns the place and should be able to get any girl he wants. Major turnoff. Try toning your attitude down a bit and watch the turn around.

  • WTF whaa you problem dude! The reason girls have "bad" taste in guys might be because we don't want some fake guy whose conceited and cocky. Girls go for guys who are REAL and not fake and guys who are nice. Get real and act nicer and then you might have yourself your first girlfriend! But for now your still a douche.

  • Your problem is right there in the first line. You're too cocky and conceited. Obviously you're only about the looks, with girls its different and much more than that (the nice girls anyways).

  • Wow, I hope you're joking here. Because if not, maybe you being a super asshole is the reason nobody wants to be with you. No girl wants a pretty face with a piece of sh*t attitude. Ever hear, 'but they have a nice personality'? Being ugly on the inside makes you just as ugly on the outside.

  • we don't have bad taste, we can just see the cocky *** holes comin from a mile away. believe it or not we like the nice guys who arnt conceited. and to tell you the truth I would never go after a guy like you just cause ur attitude! you would prob be the guy who cheated all the time cause you honestly sound like a tool.. you need a wake up call, ur prob not that hot, or else you would have a picture on ur profile to brag some more, stop thinking ur s*** don't stink and maybe ur actually land a girl.

    • I don't spend 3 hours a day in the gym and thousands of dollars on tanning to be talked to like that!

    • Well there you go there is ur problem! move to jersey and I'm sure ull have no trouble landing a girl.. haha seriously upload a pict an ill tell you ur problem, but honestly I'm sure its ur cockyness, be nice to the girls and I promise you will get 1

    • NOT TO EVEN MENTION THE UNMENTIONABLES (PROTEIN, SUPPLEMENTS, STEROIDS) that I invest in, only to have you girls disrespect my Godliness.

  • maybe if you stopped acting like an egotistical prick, the girls might like you. try talking about what they like and try being the sensitive guy who's really good looking, but knows how to defend himself. Quit being an asshole and using your looks...it will only get you so far...like nowhere.

  • Oh maybe it's just the fact that you have a rotten attitude, and I doubt your boastful description of yourself, pffft who does he think he is? YOU Can't compete with Brad Pitt! Jackass hah

    • Haha, yeah Brad Pitt is as sexy as it gets, sorry buddy

  • i hope this was a joke :|

  • It's probably because you're a pompous douchebag

  • 1)you probably aren't even good looking as you think you are;or even good looking at all2)Looks aren't everything;you are proof3)You're boring;you bored me with this;you must be outrageously boring in real life4)Personality attracts more attention5)Long silky blonde hair?You sound gay dude;homosexual?6)You are whining on here like a female dog,therefore you are not a man,but a boy.:D

  • hahahha, and here I was, thinking that I was the most narcissistic person who ever lived! Congratulations, I think you just stole that title away!

  • usually us girls do have a great taste in guys, but we may look in dismay or ignore you cause you present yourself as too good, or maybe you don't but the way you described yourself in the way you asked the question it seems like you do... either you need to calm down with the silky blonde hair stuff or just face that if you keep up the arrogent attitude that it's gonna be hard to find anyone...

  • must be something to do with your complete and utter modesty ;)

  • what a loser. who even talks about themselves like that? WOAAA someone is wayyy to self centered!

  • lol maybe you're not as attractive as you think you are. it is possible that you are delusional and suffer from reverse body/face dysmorphia and when you look in the mirror you see a hot guy when really you are ugly as sh*t

    • Stop it! My massive muscles start twitching when they know someone is talking bad about me!

    • Hahahahaa good one anonym!

What Guys Said 13

  • You're the type of person they would use for a FWB or ONS. From the way you wrote this question, you are way shallow and into yourself.The "ugly ass dude" that they are with, probably exhibits less of those traits; which is a novelty compared to your personality in this question.I would hope you aren't like that in real life.~ ArtistBBoy

    • :o man I keep forgetting to write BboyVesob as my sig ;p

  • Your full of sh*t. Hot women almost never go for ugly or average looking guys.

  • I think the problem is that your ONLY 98 times hotter than Brad Pitt, see that 98 percentile is what is bringing you down, see if you were 100 times hotter then you would have more of a chance. And you defiantly need to tan more, way more and the muscles come on only bulging, man that's another turn off for women. They have to be ripping out of your shirt so keep up with the roids. Man your in some bad shape so far, no wonder women don't like you.

  • I call troll. Or you're just cocky as f***.

  • Don't feed the troll!

  • Sucessful fishing trip. However you could get a fine for going over the limit...remember: catch and release.

  • Dont change dude, you're best at being a wanker.

  • You sad piece of ****. With that attitude no wonder you don't have a gf.

    • EXACTLY my point just comein from a guy!!! thank you vesob! :)

  • you sound like dennis reynolds haha

  • Brad Pitt is a bitch anyway...I'm 357 times hotter than Orlando Bloom, and roughly 260 times hotter than EDWARD CULLEN...thats right, the vampire guy. one day you'll get on my level. but then again, humans don't live long enough, so maybe not..

  • hahaha ur an idiot, but you made me laugh.

  • Yeah, maybe you should just f*** guys instead.

  • you're wrong. it's the other way around- most ugly girls I see are with attractive guys. the average guys are left with nothing. I smell a troll.you're better off with gay men.

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