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Does she like me or just wants attention?

I met this girl in the beginning of the year and we became friends. Long story short there was always some sexual tension between us. She looks into... Show More

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  • She likes you AND wants attention. I'm really flirty with other guys, but I'm not anywhere near interested in them. Sometimes I'll walk by certain guys so that they see me.If the guy I like is in a room or hall, I'll walk by without looking at him and act like I don't notice him until he comes up to talk to me first. And in the meantime, I go talk to other people, mostly guys. I'm never as flirty with a guy I like as I am with other guys (I don't know why that is for sure).This girl sounds a lot like me, so from what I know about me and other girls as well, she really does like you, but she doesn't want to make the first move.

    • Thank you so much

    • You're welcome.

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