Do guys like tall girls?

OK so I'm 5'10 and pretty much I seem to attract shorter guys. But in general to tall guys like tall girls? what about short guys liking tall girls? As a tall girl, I don't really like to go out with shorter guys "/


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  • I love tall girls, I love the feeling of treating her like she is my Queen, my Empress, and I could be her Guard.

    • Are you tall?

    • No sadly, I'm around 5'6 to 5'7, but I will still protect and stand up for my girlfriend if she was taller then me

    • That is so sweet. :)

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  • I'm 6'1 and I like taller girls.

    I think the phenomena you're noticing is that a lot of shorter guys will hit on tall girls, because it boosts their self-esteem. Look at Tom Cruise for instance.

    Short guys feel a greater need to make up for their height deficit, and so that's a strong motivation to be more outgoing with women. In particular, they feel a strong sense of accomplishment to just be dating a taller woman.

    There are plenty of tall guys who like tall gals, but we're not going to date you just because you're tall. We also don't have that Napoleon complex driving us, so if we're shy, we may have a harder time finding the courage to approach you.

  • Yes, I like tall girls - last girlfriend was 5'-11" and short girls - a girlfriend was 4'-1". I'm 6'-2" tall

  • I'm 6'6" and I definitely prefer taller girls. My mom and my aunts are all around 6'1" so I'm used to interacting with them and don't see them as intimidating. Any time I go out anywhere with my friends, they always try to get me to talk to cute girls but I draw the line at 5'10" lol So my choices are pretty limited

  • id rather have them a little shorter than me

  • There is plenty of guys bigger than 5"10... everyone knows what they are attracted to. I'm sure there are plenty of guys interested in you, I'm 6"2 and would definately date someone your height.

  • i like tall skinny girls... but they don't like me back :( lol

    like 5'10

  • Actually, they can be a bit intimidating. It seems as though you're attracting the type of guys that enjoy that sort of thing. :p

  • im 6'3 and I like tall girls :)

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE TALL WOMEN. 5'10 is a great. I'm 6'2.

    • Wow thank you, you seem that you like tall girls, that's awesome!!!!

  • Personnaly I like very short and light girl around 4'11" and I am 6". But I know lot of guys love tall girl, so don't worry!

  • I prefer taller girls, so they can't see up my nose etc..

  • Im 6"3 I love 5"3 ;P so not really but id still go out with a tall girl if she was hot enough

  • I love tall girls. I am 5'11" though.. So ya.

    • Is 175 cm because I'm about 170-175 cm plzzzzzzzzz answer

    • Ya, that's tall. Good height!

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