When a guy says things to get a reaction? Why do guys do these things?

What does it mean when a guy says things to get a reaction? Example: This guy (that texts and calls on a daily basis) called and said "yeah me and ol' buddy are going to the strip club". My reply was along the lines of "OK" and he just kept saying "Don't get all mad" and laughing as if he wanted it to bother me.

And why does he use the nickname "hunny bunny" with me sometimes, and other times he uses the nicknames "buddy, nigga, and bo"? Those are on COMPLETELY different levels.

Any thoughts?


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  • buddy nigga and boo is like flirting kinda - it may seem weird I know...i mean he obviously doesn't mean to be a d*** about it...but its like a friendly way of flirting...cuz its not normal for someoen to randomly say that...hunny bunny is teh same thing...id say they are all kind on that friendly/flirty level...

    one thing you have to understand is you can't let strip clubs affect you...i personally think strip clubs are gross, just the fact of the guys that attend regularly and its ALL show, no touch...its like do I go to the bar to sit there and stare at girls? no I go to flirt and have fun with my friends...a strip club you jsut sit there and watch some broad flaunt her sh*t, sure it can be arousing if she's hot, but you aren't getting further than looking at her...

    he obviously wants to see if it affects you by telling you this, just say to him, hey I have no problem with you going out with your friends, but if you're going to be at a strip club, lets just not talk about it because I think its gross - is that what you want me to think of you, is gross?...that way he'll get the point...dont freak out or yell or anything, just be cool and collective...if he doesn't get it and wants to be childish jsut tell him you'll call him back later and that your busy...then don't call him back, when you don't call him back he should get the point again...if not then he's a weirdo and needs to rethinkin about wtf he's doing...

    hope this helps, good luck

    • Yeah, I do find the "buddy/nigga" nicknames to be more like a "just friends" level because that's why guys say to guys right? I def don't have a problem with strip clubs, and I didn't come off as that way because we aren't together and either way I don't care either way about them. I don't get why he's back and forth about it. I've even asked him why he talks to me (I've made it clear I don't do casual sex anymore). I don't know if he does like me or if he's just killing time and saying stuff..

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  • Shock value.

    Low self-image.

    This plays out to give him value in others eyes.

    Not good. No way to treat you.

  • Because it's funny? Even I'm laughing... unless he really thinks he's *that* awesome, and he's not just playing around.

  • Get him a dictionary. =D

    • Does Urban Dictionary count? Hah.

  • He is killing his free times, don't take it seriously, you are his backup girl,

  • seems to me like the guy thinks he's cool but he's really not.

    • Well I don't get it, I mean why does he even talk to me if he's not trying to go anywhere with it...do guys really just talk to girls for no reason?

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  • he likes attention or he likes to make jokes. there's nothing bad about it. if it annoys you then tell him nicely.

  • Sounds like he likes you. He's just playing around trying to make you laugh.