Why do Girls like Emo Guys?

Why are they attracted to them and why do they think they are so HOT... Please give me Great details, description, and just help me get over this confusion... (Yes I am EMO... Not the bad Emo though... The Cute Fluffy EMOXD) and yes Girls like me... I'm just curious of why they like them so much O.O


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  • this is going to sound strange when I type but anyways... I like emo boys because I feel comfortable around them. Their soft smiles, open hearts, and the fact that they actually care about me and my opinions makes me want to run away with anyone of them. Big macho ego-fuelled guys that only think bout the next time they're going to f*** you just aren't my thing - I would simply feel as a trophy girlfriend and nothing more. No, I'm not emo, scene or anything - some would even say a bit preppy but def not in a stuck up little miss perfect way. I am anything but perfect and never will be. Anyway, the dark hair (not neccessarily black) skinny jeans and T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and connies are nothing compared to personality. You might be the hottest guy in the room but if you're all cocky and think you're hot sh*t then def no - I will not talk to you. Oh, and I have a major thing for snake bites - only seem to find them on emos. All in all those are my thoughts - hopefully this clears things up a bit for you :)

    • thanks and yeah it makes sense.. XD

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  • well, the stereotypical "emo" guy is an extremely sensitive cutie with dozens of poetry journals scattered around his room and canvases or sketchbooks a plenty. now what girl wouldn't want and artistic, attractive, perhaps quirky, and genuine guy in touch with his emotions?! and, they also typically wear skinny jeans and gages, which is amazing, and they usually like metal/post-hardcore music. also, it's about the actions. "emo" guys usually cherish a girl, they don't just use her for sex like those damn preppies. they hold her, hug her, and kiss her like she is the very whole of his existence. they are individuals! also, you mentioned that you are the" cute, fluffy emo"... well, that's just adorable! I love the cute guys like that! hehehe. ~.0 I love hugging "cute emo" guys, and of course, just hanging out/being friends with them! they're so adorable and they always make you smile! also, they're the "best friend" type as well, because of their caring and open attributes. hehe, well, to wrap this up, I hope my answer helped you! ^.^

  • I find them tedious and boring. All the same ridiculous skinny jeans, the same hair cuts, the same piercings, the same eyeliner, the same shirts, the same music... Boring.

    • So what your saying is that genuine personality doesn't matter,
      what really matters is what they are on the surface?

  • I don't like emo, I prefer their predecessors, goth. Leather collars and trench coats just turn me on (I don't know why) and a few spikes here and there mixed atwix the chains just makes things more interesting.

    • Lolz... I try and switch my style between Rocker, Emo, and kinda biker type goth (example: Like bvb in perfect weapon or Like Motley Crue) but I don't know it was just this stage that my girlfriend and I went through... Like she was all like emo guys are hot but I wasn't any emo wrist cutter type just style and darking Deth Metal Screamo...) But yeah she's crazy for me, I'm the badass in school yet the guy with really good grades at the same time and she's lovin' it... So we're over that problem y'know... thanks

  • no offense to you since you are emo but honestly I don't think they are a turn on or hott at all. their pants are usually so tight, tighter then a girls tight jeans..which sorry... but that's not okay! and their hair... it seems too much for me. like I said no offense! I really don't know girls at all here in nor cal that find that attractive

    • Oh don't worry o offense takin... I have brown hair, don't wear skinnies(sometimes I do), I switch my style all of the time... I'm not the creepy emo but the Cute EmOXD

  • because we like to fix them. We want to know that we can make someones life better, especially if they wind up loving us... even if you are the cute fluffy type, your appearance tells us otherwise :P

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  • because its a FAD right now... wait 10 years, and another FAD will sweep thru... if you live long enough, you will see the FAD of your youth come back into style again, LMAO (I'm 43, lol)

    I can't wait till all these EMOs are middle aged, lmFao... they are gonnjs look SILLY wearing their skin tight jeans and belly showing striped shirts, ha ha.

    • Lolz totally man... Headbanging in a crowd and then his kid will look at him and be like "Dad, you're embarressing me" Lolz... FADs come and go

    • Yeh, because 40+ year old chavs in their ugly track suits, wearing chains around their neck, with bleach blonde hair and a closet full of fake designer clothing an plenty of fake accessories to go with them. Hanging around at McDonalds and back alleys, slagging off everyone that walks past while they're stoned and drunk... doesn't look stupid. Huh?

  • Cause women are f***ed up :| they don't realize the kinda douche baggery emo guys are and the kinda assholes they'd be in a relationship lol. And probably because girls like a "fixer upper" or something. I dunno, just stupid. They don't realize they CAN'T fix them.

    • HaHA Lolz man thts funny add me as a friend if thts possible... I've been looking around now and I found out tht there's douche emos and what ever else you know... I almost got in a fight with this one because he kept screaming metal next to my girlfriend and I when we were hanging out and I asked him to stop Lolz

    • Should punch his balls back up inside him and go "there, now you're one step closer to being physically the bitch you are" :D

    • i wanted to but my girlfriend broke us up and so did his Lolz...