Why do Girls like Emo Guys?

Why are they attracted to them and why do they think they are so HOT... Please give me Great details, description, and just help me get over this confusion... (Yes I am EMO... Not the bad Emo though... The Cute Fluffy EMOXD) and yes Girls like me... I'm just curious of why they like them so much O.O


Most Helpful Girl

  • this is going to sound strange when I type but anyways... I like emo boys because I feel comfortable around them. Their soft smiles, open hearts, and the fact that they actually care about me and my opinions makes me want to run away with anyone of them. Big macho ego-fuelled guys that only think bout the next time they're going to f*** you just aren't my thing - I would simply feel as a trophy girlfriend and nothing more. No, I'm not emo, scene or anything - some would even say a bit preppy but def not in a stuck up little miss perfect way. I am anything but perfect and never will be. Anyway, the dark hair (not neccessarily black) skinny jeans and T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and connies are nothing compared to personality. You might be the hottest guy in the room but if you're all cocky and think you're hot sh*t then def no - I will not talk to you. Oh, and I have a major thing for snake bites - only seem to find them on emos. All in all those are my thoughts - hopefully this clears things up a bit for you :)

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      thanks and yeah it makes sense.. XD