Why do guys want girls to smile?

People always tell me to smile and I always hear about guys liking girls that smile all the time? Why? I am not emo or anything I will smile if something is funny or I'm really happy but other than that I don't go around smiling all the time, I keep a straight face. Why is this so important?


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  • Smiling on a girl is a 30 foot trait, meaning it's like nice hair, pretty face & good body you don't have to know anything about the girl but from 30 feet away you can be attracted. So if smiling is the easiest of the 4 to control and a girl doesn't seem lighthearted or smile (not stupid smiling for no reason but not so stressed and gloomy) then in guy logic there is easier some issues or baggage and subconsciously it comes off as unattractive.

    Smiling in a real and neutral way is very easy to do and I have been a big commenter on this and believe in it highly. Something happened in the last 10 years where every girl is acting like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Be it true or not the easiest way to get a date or been seen as attractive is to come off as responsible and a hard worker but a bit above the fray. Someone who sees the invisible rainbows that exist in every shaft of light.

    Do that and you will grab every guys imagination or interest regardless of other factors.


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  • If people are telling you smile it probably means that you are coming off as stern.

    Smiling makes people seem more enjoyable and pleasant. Unfortunately, girls are more expected to do more "face work" than men do but it's a good thing.

    You don't have to smile all the time at all, just like you don't have to hold in your farts but it certainly would be nicer.

    "Why is this so important?"

    Your friends probably just want to make sure your are happy or are okay, a simple smile will put them at ease that you are doing okay.

    • Its mostly guys I don't know saying that

      thanks for your answer

  • also, since girls are the ones controlling the game of flirting, your smile initiates him coming over and chatting you up. it is the green light of dating, you could still cross the intersection when the lights are red, or not at all i.e. you haven't noticed him yet, still the chances of crossing unharmed are higher when the lights are green. its also how a master controls his dog, so to speak, smile means you're doing good, no smile means, try again or even f*** off, that's at least how most see it because they don't want to be rude right out.

    some might also choose to ignore your rebuffs at first and ignore your signals, but eventually that's what it comes down to I think.

  • While I've never actually asked or told a girl to smile, I do like it when they do. Like one of the other answers said, it feels safer for the guy to talk to the girl if she smiles.

    That said, however, there has been a girl that I knew that the way her face lit up when she smiled was probably one of the things that I liked best about her. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that if you smile you may get someone interested who may or may not have been otherwise.


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  • You should be flattered because guys only ask girls they think are attractive to smile. You should not feel like you are coming across as too stern. It is often a way for some guys to get attention from a girl who looks like she is thinking about something other than them! If you give a guy a smile or make eye contact, his ego is sufficiently boosted that he doesn't need to remind you that he exists. Don't feel abnormal; a lot of guys say this to a lot of girls. You are not the only girl this happens to.

    If I seem negative about guys who go around telling girls to smile, it is because I have found that it is mostly creepy or controlling guys who do this. It is a way of making you feel that you are doing something wrong and also getting you to pay attention to them at the same time.

    Of course, there are genuinely friendly guys out there who do this, but they usually stick to telling it to girls they know.

    • Great point! that is what I was thinking I'm like "you don't even know me, how do you know my dog didn't just die?" they prob didn't mean any harm I just don't like being "told" what to do

    • Yeah, there are some guys who feel resentful whenever a girl they want is not paying attention to them. I am a very cheerful person and I'd get this comment all the time because I was not making eye contact. I find it obnoxious unless I know the guy! It bugs me because it is intended to make a girl feel like there is something wrong with her. Guys who try to bring girls down should be avoided. Next time say, "I save my smile for my friends, thanks".

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