Why do guys flirt even if they have a gf?

Hello guys! I'm French so please don't mind my mistakes.

So there's a guy in my class I like. We've known each other since 11th grade. At that time we didn't talk too much, like only if we need something or he wants to tease me bout my little butt. I wasn't interested, I even didn't care about him, like he wasn't in the same class. During senior year, things started to change. We started flirting and we couldn't care less about what others might think. He complimented me like "smile cause your smile is beautiful" or on my boobs and booty (cause I have big boobs and my bigger butt). He calls me Betty boop and I call him SuperD. When we walk, he put his arms around me and pulls me to his side. Sometimes I catch him looking at me and he gives me a smile. When we talk we maintain eye contact. Sometimes we whisper and that's sounds like a mystery to others. by the way they thought that we were together and said that we were cute. He allows me to rest my head on his shoulder in public. He hugged me from behind and gave me a soft kiss on the neck in front of the other seniors. We argue like Tom and Jerry lol. My girl friend told him "com'on do you want to be her bf?" and we started arguing like our life was at stake. Sometimes when I piss him off he says "stop pissing your husband". I remember one day he told me "I know I make you heart beat fast" and I was like in your wildest dreams. He doesn't behave like this around other girls. And I get jealous whenever another girl talks to him.

This all sounds cute but I've found out he has a girlfriend the whole time. Now he's in another country and we texted just once.

I'm fucked up because I dream about him (romantic dreams), he's my daydream and I love him. I still have a hope that one day we'll be together.

Why do guys flirt even if they have a girlfriend? Do you think I have a chance with him?
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He's in another country : I mean I come in France for my studies (5years) but I will go to my country (where he is actually) during summer break. Hope you understand 😊.
Why do guys flirt even if they have a gf?
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