Do guys not really dig the silent, low-key, introverted girls?

I am considered a really shy girl who tends to sit in the corner of classrooms, never speaks up, and just generally keeps thoughts to herself. You can say that I have a really mature/silent presence...if you can catch the drift. I tend to dress in dark or mellow clothes (no, I'm not emo), nothing too colorful. I'm not the skinny barbie type girl, I think I have an average body type, maybe a bit chubby (not fat) in the legs (think along the lines of britney spears' body currently, which is not exactly thin...).

I have guys my age rarely flirting with me, and the ones that do are MUCH older than me or just weird types...This is proven when I work at my restaurant as a counter girl because no guy will ever blatantly flirt with me, maybe just a smile and sometimes some tips, but that's about it. Also, when I'm out, I'm rarely approached by guys, rather older women tend to drift towards me and chat me up. I'm sure I am not ugly (well, I hope I'm not...)and there have been guys that approach me and talk to me in school/ workplace setting, it's just that there are not enough guys or the types of guys I really want to be approached by (less than 3 guys a year).

I don't know it's just my imagination, but it seems like there are some guys that want to approach me at college (by body language and how they act around me), but somehow it seems like I have a huge brick wall up against them...I don't know what would make it so hard for them to approach me...even my last (and only) "boyfriend" told me I was initially intimidating to approach...

I'm getting old now (if you consider 22 years old, old)...and I've only had one romantic relationship with an american guy. No, I'm not willing to approach guys myself because I don't take rejection all. Sometimes I thnk to myself maybe if I lost 10 more lbs, I would have more guys my age approaching me, but that isn't the case either, because when I was really thin (I abused laxatives) about 2 years ago, it wasn't like there was an increase in guys approaching me, maybe it was easier for me to get hired on the spot for entry-level jobs, but my success with guys didn't improve or anything like that, so I don't think it's my weight...

Do guys choose to flirt or approach more of a certain type of girl (the talkative, loud, ditzy types who have half of their boobs hanging out of their shirts) and avoid flirting with the quiet and "introverted" girl who tends to dress modestly? Or are attractive girls flirted with regardless of how they dress and how their demeanor is?

I need to figure out why I don't have guys showing obvious attention to me ...I have no trouble making friends with older women (older than me) and men, but it seems like I'm unapproachable to my age group (19-25)...

Any thoughts? Suggestions?
Do guys not really dig the silent, low-key, introverted girls?
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