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When he says "I miss you" does he mean "I love you"?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 5 months, and neither of us has dropped the L bomb yet. We live over an hour apart and only get to see... Show More

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  • sounds like it. sounds like he's a bit unsure how you're going to react to the L word, so he's kinda working his way up to it and testing the waters.

    • I thought maybe it was a testing the waters situation. We took things slow in the beginning and I was the one who finally brought up the commitment thing, which he confessed he was just waiting for me to do... he's obviously a very cautious guy, so this make sense too. :)

    • maybe he's hoping you'll say it first

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  • Usually "I miss you" just means "I miss you". There's no hidden meaning to it. Guys most of the time say what they mean. Don't try to read into every little thing. It's only been 5 months. Maybe he just needs more time but I don't think I miss you means anything other than I miss you. Take it fir what it is.

    • Oh, I know. I'm not trying to read into things, really. Like I said, I'm not feeling insecure. I'm just honestly curious about the psychology of guys. :)

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    • Yeah now I definitely think he's waiting for me. I actually already decided I was going to say it the next time I see him. Even if he isn't ready I know he has strong feelings and isn't going to run away, so either way it's fine. :)

    • Aww okay. Goodluck:)

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