Do guys like short girls?

I'm 5'3 and althoug it's not super short compared to my friends who are 5'5 and taller it is sorta short. My friends always tell me guys like taller girls cause they are elegant and sexy where as short is boring and just cute, so do guys like shorter girls like 5'4 and under?


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  • I don't find them boring, even though I like tall girls with long legs I've got a crush on a really small girl with curly hair, yes I tend to think of them as cute and not sexy but if your lookin for a relationship that shouldn't be a problem, and then you act sexy

    Say you probably find guys with abs hot(if not insert your favorite characsteristic here), but that doesn't mean your only find those guys attractive and go for those guys

    Guys think the same way about girls

    • Why aren't short girls sexy?

    • I don't know I like really long legs and tall girls, but hey as I said I really like this short girl and hope to ask her out

      The fact that I don't know anything sbout you other than you being short I say tgat, you might have a really nice body, face, personality which could overcome your shortcomings(ha ha!)

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  • Short is awesome! :D. I am 6'1 and would deffinitly date someone your height

  • i like short girls.

  • I think they're great! Great things come in small packages (LOL) N the shorter girls are often the cutest...

  • 5' 3" is perfect

  • yep, love em.

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  • I am 5'2'' and I really don't have any problems of finding big guys, short guys, sexy guys, just everything. Many guys love short and petite girls. Because it makes them to want to protect them and they are very feminine. I am not saying tall girls are not feminine. There are also many guys into tall girls. What I mean is there are so many guys with different taste. Some like short girls, some like tall girls.

  • I'm 5 foot 2 and I love it! Guys tell me all the time how they love short girls and think its so sexy and cute. Almost all guys are taller than you too which is even more awesome :) I love tall guys like 5 foot 8 and up. Guys call me little and little girl and say I'm fun sized and short girls are easy to control. Your friends don't know what their talking about! Power to the shorties!

  • Guys usually like girls to be shorter than them from what I've heard. It makes them feel more dominant. But every guy is different! I'm 4'11 and guys think I'm freaking adorable (not boring!!! Lol) they love to pick me up and stuff hahaha :)

  • Hey I'm 5'1 so you're good XD

    oh my I read all the comments I'm the shortest one here XD

  • Hey I'd rather be that height than 5 foot and 1 quarter. I'm like the shortest person to answer. So you're all good. Haha, don't worry.

    • im same height haha

    • Yeah it sucks! But I kinda like it. Becuase a lot of people that are tall are scared of me when I'm mad, or just annoyed. There tall and I'm like half there height. haha.

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