Sitting on little brother's face as punishment?

Would you consider it weird if an older sister sat on her younger brother's face to punish him for something? If so, why? And if not, why not?

To make it clear: he is NOT a child. I just said "little brother" cause he's younger than me, that's all.


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  • hahaha I'm 19 and my older sister does that all the time!

    really sucks to be the one getting sat on!

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  • It's wierd. There are better way to punish a boy. This will just humiliate a boy. It will damage his self confidence. Some old fashioned pain will teach them and their self confidence won't mind that ... they will even like that.

    • But if it's the inteniton to humiliate him?

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    • Don't worry about me / us. You have no idea what the background of this whole thing is.

    • It is no matter what the background is. But, if you like, tell me. Maybe that woill clear things out.

  • In a brother/sister situation I can't see that this would stop your brother doing whatever it was that was p!ssing you off. It would be more likely to antagonise him and stretch the feud out. That is despite the fact that it is just plain odd. More like something a couple would do play fighting...and I'm sure you don't want to go down that route.

  • That just sound weird and wrong

  • Sounds nasty to be honest, there are other was to punish him like taking away his stuff for example.

  • No it's not weird at all. If he's fearful of you sitting on his face every time he does something wrong, he won't do anything wrong. wish I had a sister like you lol

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  • Yeah, there are better ways to punish lol. I'm not sure what you guys were doing, but I guess if you were wrestling around I could see it happening. I have a little brother and we used to get into all sorts of physical fights, they were spontaneous though, not like I would plan on pinning him, or he'd plan on kicking me- it just happened.

  • incest,cild abuse,humiliation. so,yeah...NO.when I'm mad at my brother (older bro) I usually take his ps games and put a key to them and say ''if you want them to survive-you'll put down the hamster/last cookie/sims...'' not very mature,but less harmful and twisted

    • I forgot to make it clear that he is not a child, I just call him "little brother" because he's younger than me.

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    • fine,you asked for an opinion,i gave it to you

    • She's got a point unless your in2 freaky shit find another way 2 punish him. What sis sits on her bros face

  • I think it's twisted. It's called child abuse. We live in 2011 and we (should) know that hurting children only takes away their chance on a normal childhood.

    • I said "little brother" because he's younger than me, but he's not a child anymore! Sorry if I made it sound like that.

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    • That isn't lol. It's twisted. I don't know what you do to him besides sitting on his face, but whatever it is, it's wrong, sick and not from this age. Sorry, but this is why we people can talk to each other. Talk to him if he does something you don't like. Don't harass them!

    • I'll stay with lol. Sorry, but it's just not as serious as you obviously think it is.

  • Ok if he's not so little and so apparently neither are you then it's just plain wierd. If you've both got to a 'non-child' age then surely you're mature enough to talk problems through? Seriously

  • no it's not weird at all. It depends what he done how bad it was and if he really do deserve it.

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