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Why does my ex-boyfriend keep staring at me?

Short version: My ex boyfriend played me, talked sh*t about me behind my back, broke up with me over text, and got his friend to help him to make... Show More

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  • hes wondering why your not holding onto his ankle after he left. he's wondering why the new girl doesn't make you jelous and wants you to still want him.

    hes probably discovering his new girl isn't as cool as you were, if I'm right hell break up with her soon and try to hit you up soon.

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  • How can you possibly not get over this arrogant asshole?...He didn't deserve your love before and he sure as hell doesn't deserve it after. I know you are hurting but hold your head up and screw what anyone else thinks...you know the truth and your content with yourself and that's all that should matter. He will pay for what he did one day...it may not be now but he will.

    As for the stares...I don't think it's an "i'm sry" thing...to me he's just a pitiful psychopath.

  • coz maybe he is wondering how come you are still happy after all that he did? maybe he wants a reaction from u? well screw him..who cares

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