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How do I make a fake Facebook account to spy on someone?

How do I create a fake account to find out what a guy who blocked me is up to? How do you get him to add me when I have no other friends? Any one... Show More

I said blocked. I meant he defriended me.

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  • is he page private? if not just make another account under another email addy of yours and look =) if its private, then if you guys have any mutual friends that are good friends, as them to look for you or ask if you can get on their account =)

    • thanks for the replies. yes, it is private. and the other other firends we have mutual are his family members so I don't think they'd do that for me and I really don't want them to know.

What Guys Said 4

  • Just wait for Google+ to come out and then add him on there.

    • thanks for not bashing me.

    • Best Answer?

    • oh sorry, I tried to make two but it kept taking it away. I did agree with your answer. :)

  • Girls listen up, you can be creepers to.

  • Buy some binoculars and stalk him the classy way

    • I like this comment lmao

  • You should spend more time getting over him and less time spying on him.

    • Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. I can't agree with this post more.

    • *slow clap*

What Girls Said 3

  • Exactly how you made your original Facebook account.

    • thanks for the answer

  • Blocked or deleted he doesn't want you in any way leave the poor dude alone.

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