What does it mean if a guy asks you your age?

Pretty much in the middle of a conversation...

Does it mean anything? Because no guy has ever asked me that question before and I found it weird.


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  • No, it doesn't mean anything. You probably just look older or younger than you are or could be a range of ages.

    Or he could be a scumbag and be thinking "oh dayum wonder if I have to wait to tear that shiyut up link "


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  • He's worried about being a Paedo.

    • So he was interested?

    • What do you think?

    • Idk, I just thought it was weird.

  • Maybe he may have found himself interested in a girl before and she turned out to be jailbait. He's interested in you but he's covering all bases? Either way, I don't think it's an odd question.

  • Maybe he just wanted to know your age :O

    F***ing weirdo, avoid him. He's dangerous..

  • no. I mean age is something that's so basic about you, it's like asking you your name. I don't see the big fuss in it

  • I like knowing peoples ages, especially if I'm interested in them. So maybe he's interested in you.

    • Thanks! I just thought it was kind of weird, it was right in the middle of the convo. I was like ya know you're super creative blah blah. and he was like"So how old are you?"