My girlfriend likes another guy!

so lately my girlfriend has been hanging around and talking with this other guy. It seemed weird the entire time for me and I suspected she liked him and he liked her for a while. On friday my friend came up to me and told me that my girlfriend liked the other guy. I was completely crushed and I... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • If I were in your position, I would walk away from her.

    But I know that's not the advice you're looking for so --

    Just like what everyone else said, she has to avoid this guy. But it has to be HER decision, not yours. She knows that avoiding him is the only way you and her can work it out. If she acts dumb about it, and insists on hanging out with him still, then obviously she wants to like him, and is not willing to stop, or she can't control herself, meaning, she will eventually cheat on you.

    If she decides to avoid him, then that is a good first step on working this out. The next thing you two need to do is talk about your relationship. Ask her why she likes him. And ask if there is something lacking in the relationship. You both have to be very honest with each other, to find what started all this. Once you figure out the problem then the both of you could fix it.

    The reason why people find interest in others is because they have/give something that their boyfriend/girlfriend doesnt. Or they both share the same interests in something.

    Bottom line is, if the BOTH of you are really willing to work on this, then it will definitely work. It might take a while but it will work.