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Why does Beyonce spread her legs wide open so much when she sings?

Does she want to draw attention to her crotch? Lol

Did anyone like her Super Bowl halftime performance if you watched it? I didn't like it

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  • Isn't it like, a powerful stance? "Strong" is kind of part of the shtick.

    • I have no idea lol

    • If she was wearing heels, that might explain it too! Better than falling over :P

    • Very true lol. Wouldn't want to fall off the stage lol

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  • If you've got it flaunt it

    Haters gonna hate


    • She didn't have any good songs for the halftime show

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    • Lol, can't please everybody

    • At least you enjoyed it lol

  • You just answered your own question!

    • lol ok

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    • Can't speak for her but probably because she likes the attention! It's also scandalous so people will talk about it...

    • it got my attention ;) lol jk. I wish somebody else would have performed the super bowl halftime show

  • Either

    a. She wants to air herself out down there


    B. 7gnat is hungry

  • She's known for her hips and thighs...

    • I wish they'd actually have somebody that can sing good songs instead of being just a good dancer though

  • I wonder why you care so much.

    • I really don't. I'm just bored lol

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