GaG, it's REALLY high school!

During your GaG experience you have come across opinions stating, "GaG is like being back in high school!" If you haven't well here I am, "GAG IS HIGH SCHOOL!"

Dammit Toadette! You're giving me flashbacks of how I was bullied and shoved into lockers. Now, you're telling me GaG is high school!? D: "

I was having a conversation with my dear friend @mr90skid. We discussed how GaG feels like school. Stick around and read below!

GaG, it's REALLY high school!

The moderator team, here to help us fellow GaGers!

- Moderator: hall monitor!

- Super Moderator: substitute teacher!

- Uber Moderator: your teacher!

- Administration: principal!

*you better wise up or get suspended (deactivation)*

The regular GaGer!

- just another student :3 (just here to learn)

The Grades!

- MHOs: you got the highest score on the test!

- MyTakes: promoted take, you have passed the exam!

- 10 opinions+: extra credit.

-Amazon gift cards: certificate of accomplishment :D

The Freshman. The Sophomore. The Junior. The Senior.

-Freshman: 1xper-3xper level

- Sophomore: 4xper-6xper level

- Junior: 7xper- 9 xper level

-Senior: Guru-Master

The GaGers aka Students!

-Anonymous: That student who thinks he's about to ace the test but ends up getting a zero because he copied and pasted everything off Wikipedia!

- That user that comes and goes: the GaGer who get on like once a month is that kid in your class who shows up like 2-3 a week but you'll see him in the halls later that day. Don't mind him he's just here for the free lunch aka Amazon cards!

-GaG crush: same thing! You still don't have a chance :'(

- Block list: that kid you swear you're going to fight on the last day of school.


- Your id badge: your profile. (Let me check yo details ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- Your friends: your followers/following!

Enjoy this random video of me :3!



Most Helpful Guy

  • *gives toadette the death stare*

    I'm luigi because I'm green

    They see me Writing
    They hatin
    Mods patrolling tryin' to catch me writing dirty
    Tryin to catch me writing dirty
    Tryin to catch me writing dirty
    Tryin to catch me writing dirty
    Tryin to catch me writing dirty
    My music so loud
    I'm swangin
    They hopin that they gon catch me writing dirty
    Tryin to catch me writing dirty
    Tryin to catch me writing dirty
    Tryin to catch me writing dirty
    Tryin to catch me writing dirty

    Mods think they can see me lean
    I'm anon so it ain't easy to be seen
    When you see me post you can see the GIF
    And my stats on Doom and the LED screen
    Mention a new chick, she like hold up
    Next to the Wii U controller is a full clip and my pistola
    Turn a gager into a coma
    Girl you ain't know, I'm crazy like social club guy
    Just tryin to log on ain't tryin to have no errors
    Profile clean itself so I pull in followers
    Mods patrolling you know they hate me
    Music turned all the way up until the maximum
    I can speak for some gagers tryin to upvote some
    But we packin somethin that we have and um will have a gagger banned in a minute
    Site feed, I'm grippin oak
    Music loud and scrolling slow
    Twist and twistin like hit this dough
    I pull up from behind and cut your throat
    Windows down got a tech problem
    New member, gagers like who is that introducing?
    This the Points-N-Xper when we out and commentin
    Got save slots in every city except Houston but I still ain't losin

    It's been a while since I done a song. . . I know what you're thinking. It's not as good as "gagsters paradise" I know, but nothing will ever beat that

    I wouldn't really say that I'm a student. . . learning isn't my thing. And I was never a sophmore. . . wait a minute. . . I've discovered something sophmore > sopmore > more soap !

    • I wish I could give you MHO right now 😂😂😂😂!!!

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    • Lol, how cute I use to love that song =)

    • @watashiwahanadesu nice ! The collection can finally grow.

      ^ remember it has to be dramatic and you can do this when you're done

      @DivaMonae Cute? This is hard to the core gangster rap, it's anything but cute

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  • Nice creativity in this article.

    I've always thought gag was like a highschool or a popularity contest.
    I even made a question about this a while back.

    But its nice you were very creative with this article.

    Though I may say,
    since I'm here every day I think I'd be a bit more than substitute teacher lol!


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  • Urban Dictionary definition of High School:

    High school is a failed experiment in preparing young people for the adult world. All high schools in the country were built around 1960 and were designed to hold about half as many students as they currently do. Nothing seems to work quite right in a high school building. The heaters only work during the summer and the air conditioning only works in the winter. The asbestos insulation has all fagged out and the building becomes an oven or a meat locker, depending on the time of year. The plumbing is usually a disaster in high school, with drinking fountains never working but toilets that never stop running.

    High schools are usually poorly run by a team of out of touch assholes, also known as Principals, counselor, teachers, and ex-Marine drill sergeants (gym teachers). These people seem hell bent on destroying all hope for students through tedious testing, poorly planned projects, educational videos made during the Truman Administration, and text books that mention the Soviet Union on every page.

    High school is also the place where the stress of growing up and the stress of fitting in join forces to destroy even the strongest among us. Most of High school is not spent learning but involves trying to find friends who aren't complete douche bags, trying hook up with people of the opposite sex unsuccessfully, combing your hair, buying cloths in the effort that someone will notice you, working out so you will not get your ass kicked everyday, trying desperately to get rid of the zits that have taken over your face, driving a car that a homeless person wouldn't piss in or riding on an over crowed bus while choking on diesel fumes, while people you don't know make fun of you worse then your friends do, and on top of all of that, you must act like nothing is wrong in your life.
    High school is a place where everyone acts like their lives are great but are really dead inside.

    So true...

    • My public school was more like a private school. It was built in 1999, it's by the sound. Everyone get's along. It was in a high class area and had high standards.

  • A junior huh, well I"m pretty much the same person I was in high school all I'm missing is a cute girl and it would exactly the same lol.

    Because I'm watching these at the moment and bored here is some entertainment.

    Chuck Norris makes a Chuck Norris joke in a movie ( expendables 2 to be exact )

  • Wow I love this and you are correct GAG is like high school or college as it is called in my country. Well thought out take. :)

  • That makes me a bad teacher then :P :P

  • whats supahotfire doing.

  • Teachers? Nah. We mods are sweepers who cleans the class room.

    • You have to give yourself more credit! With more work you'll be promoted to teacher (/^▽^)/

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    • C'mon son , I'm not a "Sadist" or am I? lmao xD

    • @DanteSparda - 😉 I just wanted to keep your true identity a secret.

  • That video though loooool

  • Whose quote is that on top though? I never said that lmao
    We're gonna get a A for this!!
    School is in session :P

    • Yes, you did! You were like, "Toadette, stop stealing my lunch money :'("

    • My 22 cents :O I'm coming after you one of these days lol

    • Imma get my Toad mob together. We gonna take you down!

  • High school? That's too generous. More like middle school.

  • If this is a school... does that mean I'm one of the instructors? :-P


  • Wow this turned out very good! Loving the pics! And the random toadette video haha!

  • I was talking to someone about this only in this past week lol

    Spot on

  • I love this.
    I do.
    I really do.

    • Thanks 😄 I had a lot of help from @mr90skid :)

  • Don't forget the popularity contests which are basically the prom queen/king contests. I have no idea if it works that way in highschool, we don't have that stuff in my country, lol.

  • Your preparation is the best just like a HS student. And here most users are HS students. I feel it the same and there are the same feeling of the adolescence period.

  • who are the jokks and cheerleaders?

  • I was nowhere near this popular in high school.

  • Lmao!

    I don't know, highschool wasn't like that for me, and everyone was cooler

  • well no wonder why there is so much drama on here

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